Audio and video technology constitute a major component of AV technology. In modern conference rooms, audio technological systems are crucial for profit-oriented companies.
From visitor guidance systems, lecture theatres and hospital rooms
Convey content vividly.

In retailing, AV technology contributes to a better purchasing behaviour among customers. Video installations provide visual stimuli, and audio technology promotes a positive perception while shopping. Progressive hospitals and medical practices use AV installations such as, digital signage solutions for their visitor guidance systems. Video technology is also used in combination with IP television for hospital bedside entertainment programmes. AV technology installations results in an increase of patient satisfaction.

In lecture theatres of modern education facilities, AV technology promotes a vivid mediation of learning contents. Deployed purposefully, audio technological systems optimise the acoustic perception in large auditoriums and effectively aid the presentation technique.

Years of experience in the area of AV technology qualify GMS for the planning and the installation of complex audio and video technology systems. Our GMS support teams assure a smooth operation of the AV technology. We will consult you either on-site or remotely. Additionally, you will be supported in every aspect of your AV technology both long and short term. Our expertise includes audio technology solutions, namely wireless microphones, high-performance loudspeaker, large audio, video mixing consoles and more.

GMS cover the entire manufacturer spectrum in the field of AV technology and draw on AV technology experience of proficient engineers.