Using GMS, you can control your technology in a room or in the whole building. You can do this easily and without any problems. Professional linking and an easy-to-use interface makes media control a breeze. You’ll save time that you can use for other things.

Professional AV control systems from GMS

GMS control system management for your business

You know this feeling. You walk into a conference room and look for ways to connect your laptop to the screen. Once you’re connected, you have to find the right settings for the external speakers and connect them to your laptop. Before the presentation can start, the light should be dimmed and the blinds should be lowered. Different interfaces and different remote controls can often make meetings start late because it’s complicated to control all of the media in the conference room.

Control systems for your conference room

With professional media control, you don’t have to worry about this. You can control the media in meeting rooms with media control software quickly and easily from one device. No matter what type of media technology you use (from different manufacturers or all from one company), it needs to be able to connect smoothly through the media control in the meeting room so that you can hold efficient meetings. With touch panels, you can control all the important functions of the meeting room, and if necessary, across your company. The surfaces of the touch panels are designed for easy use and can be controlled intuitively without any prior knowledge. The signal management in the background controls the media technology and ensures an efficient distribution of user control so that everyone in the meeting room can concentrate on what’s important: thanks to sophisticated media control software, you and your employees, customers, and partners can give professional presentations without having to worry about the technology.

Media control in the context of building automation

Not just in the conference room, media control is also used in the area of building automation, for example, for the central control of important building functions. Climate control and lighting are just two possibilities for managing your building efficiently with media control software. Easy-to-understand visualizations of the functions make the media control accessible to even new personnel without any long-term training. Media control solutions for building functions are suitable for both businesses and educational institutions.

AV and building control software for your smart building

Nowadays, smart building control software is being used. This software connects all the relevant devices together so that the actual need can be assessed. Smart systems then automatically control all the building functions around the clock based on this assessment, in order to provide you with a comfortable living environment. You can also use an app to easily and flexibly control all building functions on mobile devices. In smart offices, intelligent media control software is also used to comfortably and efficiently use all functions in a modern office. Comfort, security and energy efficiency are always a top priority for GMS when it comes to intelligent media control.

GMS is a company that specializes in media control in meeting rooms

GMS is a full-service provider that can find the perfect solution for you, no matter what project or requirement you have. We’re always available to provide advice and plan your media control needs. We have a lot of experience with important media control systems from Crestron, Extron, and AMX, and we can also use media control software on tablets like the iPad from Apple. Get in touch with us to see how we can best use media control in your company!