Using AV control systems and signal management requires profound knowledge, AV technology expertise as well as software skills.
Convenient operation of AV technology
Advanced AV Control Systems

AV technologies of different manufacturers should properly connected to avoid faults. Advanced AV control systems allow a convenient operation of AV technology and conference room technology. Via touch panels all major functions of conference rooms can be controlled. The commissioning of projectors or audio systems is likewise performed using AV control systems. The surfaces of touch panels are user-friendly designed. The signal management operates the AV technology in the background and ensures an efficient distribution of user control. As a result, the speaker can give his presentation by means of ingenious AV control systems without taking special care of the technological processes behind.

AV control systems are not only deployed in meeting rooms but are also central in the area of building automations, for instance for the central control of all major building functions. Air conditioning and lighting are just two of these building functions which can be managed via AV control systems. Intuitive visualisation of functions gives a readily access to AV control systems, without the need of lengthy initial training for new employees. AV control systems for building functions are suitable for private households as well as companies, hospitals, hotels and gastronomic businesses. GMS experts find an optimal solution to every project and are always at your disposal for consulting and planning.

GMS is experienced in using the relevant AV control systems of Crestron, Extron and AMX as well as in the operation via tablets e.g. the Apple iPad.

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