Equipped with the latest and professional AV systems and AV control systems, meeting rooms serve for a convenient operation. Video conferencing systems and presentation technology are core elements of modern conferencing technology.
Conference Room Technology of High Quality

As the world is changing: society is moving towards a more technical era. With GMS, conference participants receive high-quality technology, smooth interaction, and disruptive free communication. We offer the opportunity to display video sequences and real-time presentations in a high-quality manner. The meeting will be not only productive but also a positive experience for all participants.

Conference room technology is not only central to modern businesses. Also, Progressive hotels provide their meeting rooms with high-quality equipment and stand out from other competitors. Now, professional meetings and presentations are possible for hotel guests and conference participants on the hotel premises. Even educational institutions as schools and universities benefit from high-quality conference room technology: lectures, seminars, and workshops become more efficient, more informative, and more productive. Moreover, communication with other educational establishments for interinstitutional projects are possible without great effort by using video conferencing systems. In medical facilities, professional conference room technology is beneficial to the administrative staff and the medical staff, for example, telemedicine.

GMS offers customers an end-to-end solution for conference room technology based on their individual requirements. Whether AV control systems and AV technology for large cooperations or simple presentation technology equipped with a smartboard for smaller meeting room scenarios. GMS will create a custom-made concept for your requirements and will install the conference room technology directly at your site.

Trust in GMS, your qualified partner for conference room technology and video conferencing systems, and benefit from our experience and expertise.