Videoconferencing Systems

With GMS conferencing systems, you will discover your daily work routine with new ease. You decide how and where you join conferences.

Meeting Room

GMS offer you all components which are part of a well-equipped meeting room, for example AV systems, AV control systems and user-friendly manuals. If there are still problems, our 24/7 hotline will be available, and our technical team will always be at your disposal.

Mobile Conferencing

You do not need to be locally restricted, because you can access a video conference globally by means of our mobile conferencing solutions. Transform your mobile devices into a high-performance video conferencing terminals.  


The classic type of remote conference. Whether with one or more call partners, our systems provide space for many different forms of interconnection - for fast and convenient conferences.

Videoconferencing Infrastructure

The core of your video conferencing or telepresence solution consists of bridges, gatekeepers and gateways. With GMS IT expertise and experience in AV technology, we will optimise your video conferencing structure.


GMS video conferencing systems are highly versatile- in meeting rooms, offices or via mobile devices. Our product range can be adjusted to the individual needs of every company’s structure. Perfect internal and external face-to-face communication between different locations!


Connect directly from your own PC via video, and conserve time. Due to low technical prerequisites, desktop video conferencing (DVC) can be integrated straightforwardly and cost-efficiently into the daily business. DVC also allows a quick video communication from desk to desk.


Web conferencing is a system that allows content and screen sharing at the highest level. It complements video or telephone conferencing and allows a shared access to and editing of documents. Independent of your colleagues’ locations, it is a key element in the virtual cooperation of companies.


Telepresence is communication offering an extremely high realistic transmission of voices, facial expressions and gestures. The unique video conferencing experience in virtual space: view your interlocutors life-size on HD screens and have full eye contact. Telepresence creates the illusion of a meeting at which all participants are physically present.

Further information

We give you a comprehensive market overview and advise you about your ways to optimize your video conferencing infrastructure. See here for more information about video conferencing.