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Smart Building Access Control and Visitor Management

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With smart building solutions, you can allow your employees more creativity and efficiency in the office. This will help your whole company. In today’s world, employees expect their workplace to offer them a lot of creativity and flexibility so they can be productive and efficient. In a smart building, employees will find these conditions present: different applications are connected and coordinated with each other to make working as comfortable, efficient, and safe as possible.

The Smart Building offers you a range of different applications, like information and communication, intelligent bookings, indoor navigation and positioning, access control, building functions (and well-being automation), intelligent building management, and digital service requests and feedback buttons.

Read on to learn more about the possibilities of Smart Buildings and why they are a great choice. You can also find out more about the many other benefits and possible applications of Smart Buildings.

A Smart Building will change the way you work

By having smart offices, you can optimize the use of meeting rooms. In addition, smart solutions can help visitors find the right room quickly. Service processes, such as in facility management, can also be more efficient because service workers will only have to act on a “button press” – routine and often unnecessary walks around are eliminated. As a result, smart offices provide significant time and labor savings. With innovative solutions, office work and communication processes can be optimized as well as the creativity and productivity of your employees.

This app has endless possibilities.

The digital transformation of offices into smart offices offers companies many advantages and possibilities. You should always ask yourself what goals you hope to achieve with the implementation of a Smart Office. Only then can you derive the right strategies and determine the necessary technologies.

Zero Energy Buildings: From Simple Office Buildings to Smart Buildings

We urgently need to act because of climate change, increasing CO2 emissions, and the Paris Agreement. one measure to prevent a climate catastrophe is called a zero-energy building. These are buildings where the external energy use is balanced by their own energy production. This applies not only to private homes but also to commercial buildings. The digital transformation of office buildings contributes significantly to meeting the energy standard of a zero-energy building.

Different smart building solutions can save energy. Additionally, space optimization can lead to lower rent costs. By using different booking systems, you can coordinate the use of different office rooms, meeting rooms, and even workspaces to ensure the best possible use. Are you planning to build a smart building or make your current property smart? At GMS we advise you on which solutions would be best for your building. Contact us today!

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Sometimes people have questions that are still unanswered, like what smart building technology is and which companies work with GMS. Here we answer the most common questions briefly – so you can now join in the conversation!

A Smart Building is a building that uses modern technology. The three factors that are usually considered when designing a Smart Building are energy savings, optimization of utilization, and the user experience. After that, the whole building is digitized. Unlike a Smart Home, which is a house people live in, a Smart Building is a commercial building.

The cost of a smart building depends on what you want. The more smart building solutions there are in the building, the more it will cost to put them in. The design and planning depend on what cases you choose. Thanks to our modular approach, even small implementations are possible. At GMS, we have the planning skills to help you figure out which cases make sense for you – just talk to us!

You can save a lot of money by digitizing your building! The biggest areas where you can save are rent and energy costs. We can find unused potential in your building with modern technology. This follows the 3-30-300 rule, which compares the cost of rent, energy, and wages. Another advantage of digitizing your building is that you can become a Zero Energy Building. This means that you save so much energy that it helps fight climate change!

Smart Building Solutions are not just for new buildings. You can also install Smart Building Solutions in existing buildings. We call this Retrofitting, which means adding Smart Building Solutions to an existing area. However, sometimes we use different technologies in Retrofitting to avoid big construction projects (like using wireless technology). Talk to us if you want help with this!

When building a new home, you should plan for a “smart” building. This means that the house will be able to communicate with machines. To make sure your home can be automated, it’s important to talk with the architect designing your house. There are many advantages to having a “smart” building. For example, you won’t need special sensors to connect your appliances and gadgets. We can also make the design of your home even more beautiful. But it’s not just the hardware that’s important in a “smart” building – the software is too (keyword: digital twin).

There are many different types of smart building solutions for automation. We can help you choose the right one for your property. Smart building solutions today include things like access control, indoor navigation, and room control. You can individually control things like light, blinds, and air conditioning with these solutions. Often we work with a system that is controlled by an app. You can also integrate these solutions with Office 365. Rights management is very flexible with this type of solution, and you decide which people have access to what.

When planning a smart building, IT security and data privacy are very important. The app that is used to control the smart building solutions meets the latest legal requirements and is compliant with GDPR. The Workplace app, which is available for both iOS and Android, does not collect any user data from employees. All data is anonymized. We take privacy seriously at our company; users can activate and deactivate their location themselves.


Our team loves it!

In the past, we used to have a traditional office. Everyone would come in at nine in the morning and work until evening. But now, our employees don’t have to sit in one place all the time. With flex desk, they can book a desk that fits their needs. They can book it for an hour, a day, or even a week, depending on what they need. And we also reserve a parking spot and set up a meeting room according to their needs. This means that people can have meetings and formal discussions at the office, or they can work quietly at home or on the go. We call this flex desk because it is flexible and individualized to fit each person’s needs. Just the way we always wanted it! 

This is modern working!

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