Do you want to use Zoom, the popular video conferencing service? Then you’ve come to the right place! In addition to attractive licensing models, we also offer the perfect Zoom video conference room systems. This way, you can integrate Zoom seamlessly into your conference rooms.

Zoom Room systems
Image: Zoom provides the opportunity to create an ideal experience for videoconference users at a reasonable price.

At Zoom, participants from different locations can come together for video conferences. Decision-making processes are accelerated and internal and external communication is improved. GMS stands by you throughout the entire process, from choosing the right Zoom licenses to planning and installing Zoom video conferencing room systems to daily support.

Within seconds, Zoom allows you to contact your employees, partners or customers around the world in order to communicate and work on files together – thus missing deadlines become a thing of the past. Whether via video conference, VoIP telephony or classic chat function – Zoom simplifies processes and helps you and your business save time and money.

You can save time and money by using Zoom video conferencing room systems

There are various video conferencing systems available to make sure you’re getting the most out of Zoom in your business. These systems can be set up in advance in your conference rooms and help with quicker meeting turnaround time. Depending on what you need it for, there is a system that will work well within your company:

Zoom Room bundles

We offer a wide variety of Zoom video conference rooms that are available as attractive bundles for immediate use. We also provide selected Zoom bundles as Try & Buy solutions. This way, you can test the technology on-site for 30 days and then decide whether you want to purchase it long-term. Let’s go!


The ALZ series from Avocor and Logitech provides six user-friendly and powerful solutions with “Zoom Room for Touch”, which brings an interactive whiteboard and the ability to share images and data for Zoom meetings in conference rooms, and huddle rooms, as well as executive offices.

Interactive Avocor ALZ display for video conferences with Zoom Rooms interface
Image: The ALZ series from Avocor and Logitech offers six user-friendly solutions with "Zoom Room for Touch."

The ALZ series monitors from Avocor feature powerful technologies with a wide range of functions. By combining interactive monitors from Avocor with the Zoom-compatible Open Pluggable Solution (OPS) from Avocor (an Intel i7 PC), as well as custom mounting and cable solutions, the ALZ monitors from Avocor are an ideal solution for Zoom rooms. The ALZ series offers three different screen sizes, each with two functional options, allowing the monitors to enable seamless communication between team members anywhere in the world and optimize your work.

Crestron Flex Serie

The Crestron Flex series is perfect for use in Zoom video conference rooms, with a focus on simple operation and perfect AV integration of existing media technology in conference rooms.

Image: The Crestron Flex Series is perfectly tailored to the use of Zoom video conference rooms.

The Crestron Flex series can be used in any sized room and is available in three different configurations (M-Series, B-Series, C-Series) for various applications and integrations. The Crestron XIO Cloud also makes it easy to administer and configure Crestron Flex systems for Zoom rooms.

Logitech Tap for Zoom

Logitech solutions for Zoom Rooms provide everything you need to set up a professional video conference. Logitech offers configurations for small, medium, and large rooms—each with its own benefits. The available systems come equipped with a mini PC, Logitech webcam (like the Rally), PC mount with cable clips, and a Logitech Tap touch controller. With the latter, users can start Zoom conferences easily and control main functions during meetings without issues.

Image: Logitech solutions for Zoom Rooms include all of the necessary components for professional video conferences.

Worldwide service and support

As a member of GPA, GMS also offers you comprehensive and global support for your Zoom video conference systems. You are cared for by our 24×7 help desk and can choose between different SLAs for on-site use. This way you offer your users the ideal operational security of the Zoom rooms.

GMS is your expert for Zoom video conferencing room systems

We are your competent partner for Zoom video conference room systems with many years of experience in the field. We would be happy to advise you and work with you to determine which system is best suited for your company and how you can use it optimally. We are experts in commissioning, optimizing during operation, and support – contact us now for a non-binding consultation!