Professional video conferencing technology is important for efficient teamwork in today’s hybrid working world. Good acoustics, lighting, and technology work together to create the best results. With certified video conferencing hardware and comprehensive consultation and planning from GMS, you can achieve the best results.

Team using a video conference room

There is a growing demand for video conferencing technology

Now that many people are working in a hybrid way and businesses are becoming more connected, professional solutions are needed – both for employees who work in an office and for those who work remotely. Videoconferencing has replaced telephone conferences and is also being used more often than live meetings. It is now a part of everyday life in all kinds of industries and is used not just for short conversations but also for all-day conferences or working together closely. This development has led to higher demands on technology for videoconferencing. When designing and equipping a modern, future-proof conference room, videoconference technology cannot be ignored. Many companies are upgrading so they can offer hybrid working on a professional level. GMS can provide full-service support when it comes to questions about videoconference technology.

What is video conferencing technology?

Professional video conferencing technology includes all the technical components you need for a video conference in a meeting room. This includes – in addition to the software – all the hardware components for video conferencing:

  • Cameras for the image transmission
  • Microphones for the sound transmission
  • Display and Speakers for Video and Audio Playback
  • Remote control or touch panel to control the video conference technology
  • Sources of content to be displayed

Conferencing technology can be used in small or medium-sized rooms by combining hardware into a single unit, like in a video soundbar. For bigger conference rooms, the hardware for conferencing should be put together into individual components and chosen based on what it will be used for and the size of the room. Only then can the conferencing technology be optimally adapted to your needs, including the lighting, acoustics, and size of the room. In recent years, more and more holistic video conferencing systems have been making their way into company conference rooms. With these integrated systems, such as Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Room systems, the conferencing technology is implemented as part of a complete conference system.

There are many types of video conference hardware

Professional video conferencing technology is a big business. There are lots of different types of hardware that can be used for video conferences. And there are many different companies that make this type of equipment. This can make it difficult to choose the right technology for your needs. GMS can help you choose the best video conferencing technology, regardless of the manufacturer.

If you are looking for individual solutions for your company, the first step is to decide what platform you want to use (for example, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Cisco Webex). As a certified partner and dealer of many manufacturers, GMS only uses certified video conference hardware to ensure compatibility with the software you choose. In the second step, the selection of video conference technology is limited by the conditions and special features of your room. This includes things like room size, light conditions, and acoustics. Based on these factors and the existing media technology and video conference hardware in your rooms, GMS will provide you with appropriate recommendations for your video conference technology.

GMS is your partner for professional video conferencing technology

The right technology is very important for having a good appearance in video conferences and looking professional. To make this possible for your employees, you should give them the best tools: certified and easy-to-use technology for video conferences. As a competent full-service provider, we offer you an intelligent plan for the hardware of video conferences in your company. In addition, take advantage of our attractive purchase conditions for video conference hardware from our longstanding partners, including Lenovo, Logitech, and Crestron. Take advantage of our free consultation – we look forward to your inquiry!