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Professional media technology for your company: whether you need it for presentations in the conference room, for discussing innovative video conferencing systems, or for sending advertising and branding messages on info displays – with the use of appropriate AV media technology, you can make your content more understandable, make it easier to use all devices, and increase your visibility. This includes new generations of high-resolution displays and projectors as well as powerful audio systems, modern digital signage solutions, and individual media control.

GMS accompanies you through the entire life cycle of media technology in your company – from consultation and planning through to implementation and installation to operation and continuous optimization. As a guide in the “jungle” of media technology offers, we are there for you at every step of the way with consulting. 

Learn more about media technology from us- what it can do for you and how you can be different with GMS support.

The features of modern AV technology in your offices

Professional media technology for your meeting room

The conference room is the place in the company for collaborative work, brainstorming, and decision-making. Not only do your employees need to feel comfortable and productive here, but so do your customers and partners. That’s why professional conference rooms have a modern media setup, including modern displays, cameras, and microphones, as well as high-quality control systems. Plan the media setup for your meeting room based on how it will be used: we’re experts in the media setup for traditional conference rooms, huddle rooms, and think tanks. Only when all of the components of the media setup work together seamlessly will your meeting be a productive experience for everyone involved.

The work world meets media technology

AV technology can be used in a lot of different ways. You can use it not just in one room, but in the whole area where you work. We install AV in all types of conference rooms, depending on what you need and want. With digital signage solutions, we can create a modern way for people to find their way around your office and install the right AV for your employees – like LED walls in common areas and digital whiteboards in the break room and much more of course.

The use cases are versatile – after all, you can achieve more productivity and visibility with the right AV media technology or audio-video solution in various industries and save on energy and travel costs at the same time.


Sometimes people have questions that are still unanswered, like what AV technology is and which companies work with GMS. Here we answer the most common questions briefly – so you can now join in the conversation!

Audi visual tech is when media reaches your auditory and visual senses. The acronym AV stands for audio and visual. This means that AV includes all devices that create an audiovisual result, like cameras, projectors, and displays. The term also refers to the management of these media, which includes aspects of system integration and signal distribution. Having unified standards – regarding how they work, look, and are operated – is essential for humans to interact with technology successfully. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right AV solution for your company.

Modern media technology can be useful in many different industries and help you achieve your individual goals. In companies, media technology is an important part of daily work. In retail, video technology installations make customers more aware of advertising messages. Hotels and hospitals use digital signage solutions as part of their wayfinding systems, while AV-media technology promotes the visual presentation of teaching materials in universities. Almost every field can benefit from employees, customers, and partners from AV-media technology solutions – so let us advise you!

Digital signage is a modern way of communicating. It includes everything from presentations on digital screens to posters and whiteboards. Compared to traditional posters and boards, digital screens allow you to adapt content to your individual needs and target different receivers. Another advantage: Your target group will pay more attention to the “living” information and remember it for longer.

Control systems are not just in one room, they are also in the whole building. They are an important part of the automation of buildings and they control things like the climate and the lights. Easy-to-understand visualizations of the functions make it possible for anyone to use the media controls, even if they have never done it before. GMS works with media control systems from Crestron, Extron, and AMX, as well as control software on tablets.

We think that media technology, smart buildings, and video conference systems should be together. In practice, our plan-build-operate approach has already been successful multiple times. Your economic advantage: planning, installation, and service from one specialist. Try it out? We think so too. Schedule a free consultation with us and see for yourself!

GMS’s smart office technology goes hand in hand with media technology: We understand the smart office as a triad of AV media technology, collaboration solutions, and sensor technology. Only if these three components are perfectly matched can a smart office fulfill its purpose. GMS specializes in individual systems for workplace organization and is constantly up to date on topics like “New Work,” hybrid work models, and working from home. As a specialist in media technology with decades of experience in the smart building field, GMS skillfully blends these two worlds.

GMS is a partner of leading providers of video conferencing systems in the areas of videoconferencing, media technology, audio-video, and unified communications. This includes companies such as Cisco, Crestron, Microsoft, Poly, and Samsung. Installation of devices from other brands is also possible. As an experienced full-service provider, we identify appropriate products for your media technology needs to meet your individual goals, plans, and budgets.

There are six types of conference rooms: the think tank, personal office, public space, huddle room, classic conference room, and auditorium. The think tank is for a single person or small group to use as a retreat. In the personal office, people usually work alone or by video call. In the public space, people have an open and flexible exchange of ideas. The huddle room is good for creative work processes. The classic conference room is for meetings and presentations with several people. For large events, participants meet in an auditorium. The key features of all conference rooms are always excellent video conferencing systems and modern presentation technology.

We design media furniture that is essential for integrating technology into your surroundings. Together with our partners, we create holistic interior design concepts and tailor-made solutions for you. With our high-quality and customized media furniture, you can make your spaces unique and functional, making your customers, employees, and partners feel comfortable.

We offer our knowledge in a more compact form as a PDF that you can download. Look at this page carefully. For example, you can find part one of our mini-series here: 5 Tips – How Media Technology Works in Your Conference Room. Are you dealing with the planning of media technology for professional conference rooms as part of a relocation project, renovation project or new construction project? Then download the PDF and learn all there is to know about this topic.

These are our reference projects

Do you want to take your business to a whole new level with innovative AV technology that will create positive change and growth in your company? With high-quality conference room solutions, your employees, partners, and customers will be in awe. Our AV technology is impressive, with intuitive controls, worldwide scalability thanks to GPA, customized or standardized rooms, and remote or on-site support for AV technology. Take a look at our many references!


Collaboration here and now

In the era of Hybrid Work, the importance of media and AV technology in offices is paramount. This is due to employees working both in the office and remotely, thus ensuring seamless communication must be maintained. Media technology enables staff to effectively communicate and collaborate with one another through video conferencing, online presentations, and team chat tools. Not only does this save time and costs on travel but it also increases productivity and improves collaboration. 

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