With Samsung and Barco’s innovative and high-resolution video wall solutions, you can turn your company’s message or product presentation into an unforgettable experience that customers, partners, and employees will remember for a long time. GMS has several models of these manufacturers’ products in stock and can advise you on which solution is best for your company.

Nowadays, businesses have to work hard to get potential customers’ attention and keep it. They need to excitingly show their products in the first moment so people will remember them. One great way to do this is with innovative technology like a video wall. With a video wall, you can present your advertising messages in a very impressive way. This will grab the attention of your target audience, especially in retail where customers want to see amazing, live pictures with clear colors. This will leave an impression that they will never forget and make them want to buy your products too!

Video Walls can be used in many different ways to communicate with people. They can be used as digital signs to help people find their way around a place, like in a office building or a hotel. They can also be used to show information or entertain people in places like schools. We are experts at making video walls and we have many different models of video walls from different manufacturers.

Samsung The Wall - Video Wall Solutions
Image: Samsung's "The Wall"

Samsung LED Video Walls are a great way to show your messages or pictures to people

Samsung provides three different video wall solutions, each with its own advantages. You can see all three models in our exclusive showroom in Schwalbach. You’ll be able to see the quality for yourself and decide which one is best for you.

The Wall” is the most innovative and future-safe solution that will amaze your customers, partners, and employees. This 146-inch (3.71 meters) screen uses MicroLED technology and 8K resolution to create crystal-clear and sharp images with lifelike colors. Even though it is made up of several modules, there are no black bars between the displays that would disturb the viewing experience – this puts your products in the limelight.

The Full-HD-Wall IF015H, also made by Samsung, is – to put it in a nutshell – the little sister of “The Wall”. The Full-HD-Wall is just as impressive as her big sister with its modular design and seamless viewing experience. She plays content in full HD resolution, which is still pretty amazing. Just like with “The Wall”, the integrated content management system MagicInfo makes it easy for you to create, plan and manage your content – you don’t need any extra controllers.

The third video wall solution from Samsung is the UH55F-E-Wall. This video wall is made up of individual modules that you can arrange in different sizes, depending on your needs. If you arrange them in a 2×2 formation, pictures with a 4K resolution will be displayed. If you use a bigger size, the wall will show Ultra-HD resolution pictures. Additionally, the small gap between each module (1.7 millimeters) ensures a nearly interruption-free presentation of your products and services.

GMS AV Installation Barco UniSee at CommerzReal AG
Image: Installation of a Barco UniSee video wall at our client CommerzReal AG

Barco UniSee is a great and powerful LCD alternative

There is a similar LCD video wall on the market called Barco UniSee. It is just as good as the Samsung options and does not need to hide. Thanks to the frameless design and NoGap technology, you get an uninterrupted viewing experience with up to 8K resolution. With 100,000 hours of backlight life and a typical brightness value of 800 cd/m², this video wall sets new standards for LCD video walls.

GMS supports you in finding the right video wall solution for your next advertising campaign or employee information. We analyze your specific needs and requirements to find the best solution for you. As a full-service provider, we are experts in selecting, installing, operating, maintaining, and optimizing video walls – so we are the perfect partner for you. Contact us now for an informal consultation – together we will find the ideal video wall for your company.