Modern conference room technology typically consists of videoconferencing systems and presentation equipment. A well-equipped conference room also has a professionally engineered AV system and media control for easy operation of the technology.

Conference room technology from GMS

A high-quality meeting room: the technical equipment is essential.

Technology is essential for any modern conference room or meeting space. This is where employees come together to brainstorm and work on projects and make important decisions. To make this possible and ensure all work processes are as comfortable as possible, every conference room needs the appropriate technology. This is more true than ever in our current era of globalization and hybrid working arrangements. To have successful video conferences with remote attendees, conference room technology needs to be designed for professional use while also ensuring effective local collaboration. All equipment and systems should always be easy and intuitive to use; otherwise, you and your staff will not be able to hold productive meetings. Therefore, the technical equipment in the conference room is of great importance. Here is an overview of what you need for successful conferences:

  • Displays, monitors, and projectors (as needed)
  • Video conferencing technology, such as cameras and microphones
  • High-quality speakers for a good acoustic experience
  • Signal transmission via radio or cable
  • Media control

In order for a conference to be successful, all of the technology components must work together seamlessly. This includes video-conferencing capabilities, sound systems, and presentation software that is easy to use. When all of these elements come together, it creates a positive experience for everyone involved in the meeting.

The technical requirements for your conference room are based on your event's needs

The technical equipment in your conference room should be tailored to both its size and your individual needs. The most complex videoconferencing system makes little sense in a meeting room that only two employees can fit into. Likewise, a 24-inch screen is not appropriate for a large meeting room accommodating up to 15 people.

Consider what you want the conference room to achieve and which solutions will be most helpful for your company. Afterward, work with GMS to plan the optimal technical setup of your conference room. Based on your specific desires and goals, we’ll devise a fitting array of equipment for your space. Throughout the planning process, we’re always available to answer any questions you might have about different types of conference rooms or concepts, as well as anything related to outfitting a room with state-of-the-art technology.

GMS: The Expert in Conference Room Technology

As an international, full-service provider of conference room technology solutions, GMS offers you complete solutions for your individual needs – whether it’s simple presentation equipment such as a smartboard for smaller conference rooms or complex solutions involving video conferencing systems, media controls, and AV equipment for large conferences. For every need, GMS creates an appropriate concept and installs the conference room technology directly on-site with you. When it comes to outfitting your conference room with the latest technology, you can trust our experts. We’re also your competent partner in the field of smart buildings and offices. Request your free consultation today and take advantage of our expertise!