High-quality telepresence solutions are particularly popular with demanding users from upper management. Telepresence stands for a special conference experience in the virtual space, which comes very close to personal meetings.

Telepresence solution provider

A unique conferencing experience in the virtual space

Telepresence systems display life-size HD images of the participants in a conversation, allowing for ideal communication through facial expressions and body language. The realistic, real-time transmission of video and audio content is additionally supported by simulating the position of the person speaking. In Telepresence rooms, people perceive the voice of a person in the right part of the image as coming from the right. The Telepresence experience is rounded off by installing up-to-date presentation technology. In this way, participants in a conversation can communicate their thoughts and results best possible through Telepresence.

Telepresence systems can help you optimize your business efficiency

Telepresence rooms are always built to exactly match the specifications, which enhances the experience of “sitting at the same table.” Furthermore, when planning for telepresence solutions, it is important to take into account where cameras and HD displays are positioned so as to encourage natural eye contact.

At GMS, we have contributed to various projects involving telepresence and have worked as a knowledgeable point of contact to explore the unique aspects of telepresence rooms for our customers. Telepresence systems allow businesses to efficiently optimize their workflow. Telepresence solutions improve communication with remote offices, business partners, and customers, resulting in faster decision-making. At the same time, Telepresence reduces travel costs and thus the company’s CO2 balance.

Other branches, such as the healthcare and education sectors, can also take advantage of Telepresence systems. For example, Telepresence rooms can simplify communication between expert teams from all over the world or even revolutionize distance learning. The use of Telepresence solutions is the future-proof way to better communication in any sector. Telepresence rooms are among the highly rated and expensive video conference systems. Key manufacturers for Telepresence systems are Cisco and Poly which GMS partners up with.