Blog posts from 2024

Microsoft Places: Building bridges between digital spaces and collaboration tools

Microsoft Places Brücken bauen zwischen digitalen Gebäuden und Collaboration Tools

The Public Preview of Microsoft Places is now available, but what is it exactly? Work used to be confined to a physical location. However, in today's digital transformation era, where the lines between workplace and virtual space blur, Microsoft has introduced an innovative platform that redefines the concept of workspaces: Microsoft Places. You can find additional information here.

The Benefits of Modern Room Booking Software in Dynamic Work Environments

Die Vorteile moderner Raumbuchungssoftware in dynamischen Arbeitsumgebungen

Since COVID-19, there has been an abundance of room booking software available. Numerous apps and startups have emerged, each striving to deliver varying levels of effectiveness. However, the underlying issues often run deeper than a quick search in the app store and selecting the first option. Even when meeting immediate needs, the capabilities are frequently restricted. For more details, click here.

Shaping the Future: AI and Workspace Optimization in the Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace - GMS - In der Nähe von Frankfurt - Smart Building Lösungen

Step by step, many companies are unconsciously sleepwalking into the future of workplace design. How do we notice this shift? The workplace – a space that exceeds the sum of its dimensions. It's an environment evolving to meet the modern needs of businesses. But how can we maximize space usage to simultaneously boost performance and achieve sustainable goals? Find more details here.

GMS joins Jabra Video Expert Club

Jabra Video Expert Club - Deutschland - GMS

GMS Global Media Services GmbH proudly announces its membership in the esteemed Jabra Video Expert Club (JVEC). This exclusive club represents a select network of partners chosen for their exceptional dedication and expertise in the EMEA and CALA regions. With this certification and the opportunities it presents, we remain focused on our mission of making complex things simple. Find more details here.

AV Technology Trends at the Prolight + Sound 2024: Innovation Meets Sustainability

Medientechnik-Trends von der Prolight + Sound 2024: Innovation trifft Nachhaltigkeit

The media technology industry is in constant motion, with the Prolight + Sound trade show in Frankfurt serving as the annual showcase for the latest trends and technologies. This year, the event took place from March 19th to 22nd, 2024, bringing together numerous professionals from media technology, office space design, and workplace experience fields to delve into the industry's future. For more details, please visit here.

Digital Wellbeing in the Era of Hybrid Work and AI

Digital Wellbeing in Zeiten von Hybrid Work und KI

Welcome to the era of digital wellbeing, where hybrid work and artificial intelligence (AI) are not just buzzwords but essential components of an efficient work routine. This article delves into the concept of "digital wellbeing" — a state where technology and digital services seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, contributing to our health, productivity, and overall work experience.   Find more details here.

Microsoft Copilot meets Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Copilot trifft auf Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Copilot is gradually making its way into the Microsoft Office ecosystem. In this article, we delve into Copilot itself and explore the possibilities of leveraging this solution within a Microsoft Teams Room. Join us in this article as we delve into the realm of artificial intelligence in the conference room. Discover the current status, advancements in Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR), the Copilot, and the exciting future developments in this field. Read more now

How Can Digitalization Help Create a Great Work Environment?

Wie kann Digitalisierung helfen eine tolle Arbeitsumgebung zu schaffen

Not everyone dreads going to work. In fact, many genuinely enjoy stepping into the office. However, that doesn’t mean we should forcefully drag everyone (back) to the workplace. We know that prohibitions and imposed measures often fail to achieve the desired outcome. So, what can be done when you are responsible for spaces and employees? For more details, please click here.

What are stranded assets in real estate, and how can you protect yourself against this?

People Activity Counter Infrarot EnOcean Beacon Smart Office IoT Lösungen Büromöbel Modern Bene

The phenomenon of so-called "Stranded Assets" is widespread in the real estate industry. These assets have suffered unexpected or premature write-downs, devaluations, or conversion into liabilities. Often, real estate project developers cannot react in time to such losses, resulting in financial damages. In this blog post, we aim to delve into the concept of Stranded Assets and explain how developers can protect themselves from it. For more information, please click here.

How Digital Buildings Enable Data-Driven Business Models

GMS Unternehmensstandards

Smart building projects enable companies to utilize data innovatively to make crucial business decisions. By implementing technologies like IoT and other sensors, buildings can be optimized, monitored, and operated in real-time to provide employees with a safer working environment and visitors with a more pleasant building experience. For more details, please click here.

Interactive Collaboration Display Avocor AVW-5555 Tested and Reviewed

Avocor AVW-5555 – interaktives Collaboration Display im Test

The Avocor AVW-5555 Collaboration Display is an exciting option in the group of interactive collaboration displays, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of team meetings. With its 55-inch touchscreen and 4K display resolution, it fosters creativity, engagement, and productivity, simplifying collaboration like never before. Explore more details here.

Eintracht Frankfurt and GMS: Collaborating for a Digital Future

Eintracht Frankfurt und GMS Gemeinsam in Richtung digitale Zukunft

There are moments in the world of football that are considered turning points that change the game forever. Today is one of those days, as we proudly announce that GMS Global Media Services GmbH is now an official partner of Eintracht Frankfurt. For more information, please visit this website.