Eintracht Frankfurt and GMS: Collaborating for a Digital Future

Eintracht Frankfurt und GMS Gemeinsam in Richtung digitale Zukunft


There are moments in the world of football that are considered turning points that forever change the game. Today is one of those days, and we take great pride in announcing that GMS Global Media Services GmbH is officially a partner of Eintracht Frankfurt.

This partnership goes beyond a mere handshake between two organizations. It symbolizes a shared vision, a mutual passion, and a collective determination to drive digitalization and reshape the world of work. The partnership encompasses collaboration with EintrachtTechs Digital Center, “Arena of IoT,” and Eintracht Frankfurt Stadion GmbH. As tactics and teamwork make the difference in football, these qualities make us strong as a team.

Completed projects

Our collaboration with Eintracht Frankfurt has seen several successful projects, ranging from the digitalization of the IoT Garage to the transformation of the Deutsche Bank Park and the ProfiCamp. We are ready to take this relationship to the next level, guided by our motto: “We make complex things simple.”

Regarding digitalization, the GMS team has had the privilege of working with Eintracht Frankfurt. This includes the IoT Garage and media technology in the Deutsche Bank Park and the ProfiCamp. It’s not just the new LED boards that light up here.

What lies behind it all?

With innovative technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), we aim to create new smart building workspaces that are flexible, efficient, and future-proof. In a world defined by rapid technological advancements, we consider it our mission to assist companies in surviving and actively shaping this transformation.

We firmly believe that innovation is the key to success. Digital solutions are gaining relevance not only in the business world but also in sports like football. Eintracht Frankfurt drives the club’s digital strategy forward by establishing EintrachtTech and the “Arena of IoT” digital center.

That’s why we are thrilled about this new partnership, and we hope you are, too. Join us in sharing our enthusiasm, and let us know your thoughts. Together with you, we aim to shape the future – a future that is digital, efficient, and full of possibilities.

Let’s embark on an exciting new era of digitalization and innovation. We look forward to what lies ahead and are ready to embrace this challenge. Because together, we are strong – and together, we will achieve greatness.