Unified Communications systems provide businesses the ability to connect all employees across various communication channels into a singular, streamlined network. By definition, this usually includes features and functions like videoconferencing (i.e desktop videoconferencing), telephony as Voice over IP, chat capabilities, presence functions, and often times also email integration.


Talk to people face-to-face without having to leave the office. Save on travel expenses, time, and stress with video conferencing solutions.


Voice-over IP calls simplify communication and save on traditional phone costs.

Written communication

Improve your business’s internal communication now by utilizing our chat functions for direct, quick, and easy real-time messaging!

Webinar solutions

Is my contact available or in a meeting? Manage availability with an immediately retrievable status for every employee.

Solutions for your business's unified communications

A solution-oriented communication is crucial for your business success, both internally with your employees and externally with customers and partners. Unified Communications systems redefine communication entirely because they offer you numerous advantages, such as increased efficiency, flexibility, and productivity. Unified Communications solutions are important in locations where employees need to communicate with each other through different channels and relied on exchanging information and data across various media. Unified Communication solutions usually consist of four areas:

  1. Media integration
  2. Presence information
  3. Contextual integration
  4. Collaboration features.

1. UC solutions and media integration

Integration of various communication channels makes sure that communications are flexible and run smoothly. The following channels are generally gathered in a common surface:

  • The video streaming capabilities of a Unified Communications solution enable users to participate in and initiate videoconferencing and other live video communications. A well-planned infrastructure of hardware and software is essential for the optimal implementation of video applications within Unified Communications solutions.
  • Voice: Unified Communications systems typically also offer capabilities for VoIP calls. This can dramatically reduce traditional telephone costs through the use of a Unified Communications solution.
  • Instant messaging: Chats allow for quick and easy communication via PC, tablet, or smartphone. Unlike emails, chats are used for real-time communication; in other words, one expects an immediate response from their conversation partner.

2. Presence functions

The presence function within UC solutions enables users to see the status of others in real-time. Common status updates include ‘in a meeting’, ‘available’, ‘away’, or ‘do not disturb’. Typically, these alerts are supported by a colored traffic light system – green means available, yellow indicates absent, and red means the employee should not be disturbed. With this information readily available to all users, they can immediately see if the employee is currently available for communication or if they are in meetings and would prefer not to be interrupted.

3. Context integration: For more information in the right place

Additionally, innovative Unified Communications solutions offer context integration by linking relevant data from communication partners with contacts in the system. For example, when establishing contact, important customer information can be viewed on the computer screen which makes repeated inquiries of data superfluous and noticeably simplifies communication.

4. Collaboration features- when UC turns into UCC

Unified Communication & Collaboration solutions (UCC for short) are UC solutions that are enhanced with collaboration tools. In addition to simplifying communication, they also offer the opportunity to take collaboration to a new level. UCC solutions have multiple options for initiating contact as well as exchanging data and editing files together. This aspect of UCC solutions often provides a competitive advantage and strengthens teams – especially when work is distributed among projects.

The benefits of UC solutions for your business

Unified communications systems provide critical advantages to businesses of all sizes and industries:

Reducing costs

One advantage of Unified Communications solutions is cost reduction: By linking all communication channels on one platform and using video conference systems and online conferences, not only the costs for administration and operation of the infrastructure are reduced, but also travel expenses and traveling time.

Increasing efficiency and productivity

Utilizing UC solutions provides your employees with increased efficiency and productivity. Your users will be able to receive requests via the right channel and on the right device whether they’re at their office PC, on their smartphone while out and about, or through instant messenger during a video conference. The response time is automatically quicker since unnecessary communication is significantly reduced when you use UC solutions.

Increasing flexibility

UC-Systems allow users to seamlessly switch between different media types – for example, from a phone call to a web conference with content sharing in order to edit presentations or documents together. Also beneficial is the presence function: this allows users to always know how and when they can best reach others.

Improved communication and networking (internally and externally)

Unified Communications solutions simplify communication for users at different locations and with various devices. Not only does this improve internal collaboration, but it also has benefits in the way we communicate and work with customers, service providers, or partners.

Making access easier

By keeping all communication channels on one user interface, people can easily find what they need and are less intimated by the technology – especially those who are not tech-savvy.

GMS is your Unified Communications expert

We’re your experts for implementing UC or UCC solutions in your company, due to our experience from many successful projects in the field of Unified Communications. As a full-service provider, we partner with leading UC manufacturers such as Cisco and Oracle–and are also very familiar with solutions offered by other providers of Unified Communications.