There are many different service providers dealing with AV technology and video conferencing systems. Here are five good reasons why you should collaborate with GMS:
Why GMS?

1. Comprehensive Range of Services: As one of the few companies in the market, GMS are offering a comprehensive range of services. That way you are supported in the entire lifecycle of your project. From the consulting to the conception to the operation and the ongoing optimisation of your technology: GMS are just the right partner for you.

2. Long-standing Expertise: For more than 10 years, GMS have been operating successfully in the market. The history of our business is characterised by steady and solid growth. At the same time, the employees and their qualities are the focus of our attention. Constant contact partners ensure a trusting relationship and our outstanding quality of service.

3. User-Orientated Focus: GMS, originated in the area of services and operations, always make a priority of the user with his special needs. GMS mainly focus on a technologically practical solution which supports the user as best as possible with real added value.

4. Customised Services: All services of GMS are based on best practice, and are individually adapted to the customer. This applies in particular to operation concepts in an international environment and complex projects. Consequently, each client gets a customised solution and no ready-made service.

5. Value-Based Working: Together with our staff, customers and business partners, GMS have developed a worthy system. This system is key to every staff member, and also the individual work results are assessed with regard to value-based working. The values of GMS are: Customer Orientation- Professionalism- Innovation- Teamwork- Diversity