Digital Signage is a way to show your company’s messages on screens. These screens can be used to show videos and pictures to inform and impress your employees and customers.

GMS Digital Signage Example

Digital Signage: Interactive digital signs that are aimed toward different groups of people

In today’s digital world, you will probably come in contact with digital signage no matter where you go. There are many examples of good digital signage solutions, like digital wayfinders or screens at public places like train stations or airports. Digital signage can also be used in modern office complexes and retail stores to show people relevant information quickly and easily. You can take advantage of these benefits by integrating digital signage into your business. Compared to traditional posters, digital screens allow you to adapt displayed content to your specific needs and react differently to different groups of viewers.

Digital Signage is often used for promotional clips that are targeted at certain groups of people. But local news, weather information, and event tips can also be shown on these lively screens. In addition to regular digital signage, interactive displays that have a touch-screen interface also belong in the category of Digital Signage. This way, the target audience will pay more attention to the information and they will remember it for a longer period of time.

Using digital signage, you can reach your target audience in the best way possible

Nowadays, using handwritten charts for static presentations is not very common anymore. You can get a lot more attention by using high-quality moving pictures. If you want to start using moving pictures for your business communication, you will need some special equipment like displays and media players. But you also need software to create, manage, and control your content. The following companies provide software that makes your presentations never the same again.

BrightSign XT family

With the BrightSign XT media players, you can turn your content into pure entertainment. The interactive presentation surfaces elevate your company communication to a new level and can even be controlled conveniently from mobile devices. Connect the media players to multi-zoned displays in 4K resolution and unite text, photos, and videos on one screen. The integrated digital signage software BrightAuthor makes it easy for you to organize your content and synchronize it with lighting and sound systems – for even more vibrant information.

BrightSign Digital Signage Players from the XT Family

LG digital signage

With LG’s digital signage solutions, you can stay ahead of the competition. The displays are impressive because of their clear colors and deep contrasts. They will make a great impact, whether inside or outside. Plus, the LED or OLED displays are very flexible. That means you can create video walls in any shape or size that you want.

There are LED screens that are very new and come in curved and even transparent shapes. You can make them look however you want. The content is distributed easily through a USB stick or a WiFi connection. That way, you can show people what you want them to see in the best light possible. LG is a company that makes these screens, and our employees know all about them. If you want to see them close up, you can visit our showroom in Schwalbach.

Samsung Smart-LED-Signage

With Samsung Smart-LED-Signage, you can get a complete solution for your signage needs. These innovative LED screens come with all the hardware you need for your visuals – external media players or receivers are no longer necessary. Plus, the latest technology provides clear and impressive images, thanks to a 2-phase calibration that ensures color values are perfectly matched to the environment. Even in bright places, these screens provide high contrast and intense colors.

Samsung Smart LED Digital Signage

Digital Signage displays are very robust and can resist the harshest conditions. They are perfect for presentations in closed rooms or in outdoor areas. The MagicInfo software also makes it easy for you to manage your content.

You can find the right digital signage solution with GMS

No matter which option you decide on in the end: with digital signage, you are prepared for current events and you can communicate your company’s message in an appealing and convincing way. For a coherent concept that corresponds to your company’s goals, it is important to comprehensively analyze your needs in advance and plan the installation carefully – so that your messages arrive exactly where you want them to.

GMS has a lot of experience with different providers in the field of digital signage. We take a holistic approach to this topic, which means that we not only look at the technical aspects but also at how to convert content for digital signage networks. You can benefit from our expertise and work with us to find a presentation solution that will get your company noticed. Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

Now ask for a personal and free consultation. We’ll find the best digital signage solution for your company together.