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Video conferencing is a very important part of communication today. It makes it easier to do our work, and it also gives us more flexibility. We can use video conferencing to talk to our co-workers, partners, and customers no matter where we are. Professional video conferencing solutions let us communicate with people face-to-face no matter where we are in the world.

Videoconference systems offer you a lot of advantages beyond just flexibility. With GMS, you can take your communication to a whole new level: we will install the right videoconference hardware for sharp images and clear sound. This way, distance is no longer an obstacle to efficient cooperation. With an investment in professional videoconference hardware and software, you can save valuable time and travel costs.

GMS knows how to use and configure different types of video conferencing systems from many various providers. To be able to best take care of your video conferencing systems, GMS has international company locations with a large reach. As a full-service provider, we are here for you – from individually planning your video conferencing systems, and installing the video conferencing hardware and software, to continuously optimizing existing video conference solutions. Benefit from our comprehensive know-how and find out more about the advantages that modern video conference technology offers you.

Video conferencing systems: GMS is officially certified

You need to have a lot of experience and knowledge about video conference hardware and software to choose the right video conference system. As a certified partner and dealer of many brands, including Microsoft and Cisco, GMS is an expert in professional video conference systems. We can advise you on what would be the best system for your needs. We also only use Microsoft Teams- and Zoom-certified hardware, which means all devices will be compatible with the software you choose. Trust GMS to find the perfect video conference solution for you!

Hybrid work enabled by video conferencing systems

Many people are working in different places and at different times now because of the way technology has made it easier for people to connect with each other. Work is no longer just something that happens in an office. This trend has been happening for a long time, but it has gotten faster in recent years because of how easily people can connect with each other.

In the modern business world, people often work from different locations. But no matter where people are, communication is still a very important part of all work processes. Productive meetings will continue to be important in the future. 

Leading companies are using hybrid video conferencing systems to make sure the quality of their cooperation is good. The conference room technology is perfect for working productively outside of your office and it connects you with your employees, customers, and partners all over the world.

With GMS, you have a partner who has experience helping companies transition to a new work culture. We will provide you with the latest video conferencing systems so your company can be ready for the future.

Hybrid work enabled by video conferencing systems

Thanks to many opportunities for connectivity, you can have a new level of freedom in your work life: You get to choose where and how you want to conference. Here you can see a broad selection of GMS’s video conference systems and solutions.

Video Collaboration Solutions from GMS


Sometimes people have questions that are still unanswered, like what smart building technology is and which companies work with GMS. Here we answer the most common questions briefly – so you can now join in the conversation!

A video conferencing system is a set of soft- and hardware components that are necessary for holding a video conference. This includes the conference platform, such as the Microsoft Teams app, as well as cameras, microphones, and displays. A comprehensive room system ensures that all of the components are properly interconnected and working correctly. In comparison to traditional desktop systems, several people can confer in a room equipped with the right technology, without needing any extra devices. Moreover, picture quality and sound clarity are always excellent. With professional video calling and collaboration solutions, you can work together efficiently across multiple locations while also saving time and travel costs.

GMS offers three different conference platforms: Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and Zoom. The hardware used is from different manufacturers, but it is always certified to work with the respective platform. This means you can use the apps in your videoconference system to their full potential. In addition to the different platforms, our conference rooms also vary in size and requirements. So depending on your needs, we will recommend different software and hardware for your videoconference solution.

Video conferencing systems need two things. One is a technical infrastructure: you need electricity and a network connection. The other is software licenses for one of the three communication platforms (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex). You can also buy these from us. There are also space requirements for video conferencing systems. The conference room should be designed for video conferences. Things like light and sound have a big impact on the camera image and how well people can hear what is being said. We take all this into account when planning and implementing your video conferencing solution. We are here to help!

The price for a complete video conferencing system depends on different factors. The most important ones are the size of the room and what the system is supposed to do. Our video conferencing systems can cost a lot of money, depending on what you need: between 10,000 and 30,000 Euros. GMS will help you choose the best video conferencing solution for your needs and your budget- find out about GMS’s prices for professional video conferencing solutions.

GMS provides a one-stop shop for all your video conference needs. This means that we will plan the perfect Videoconference solution for your needs, install the system, and then operate it long-term. Our “Plan, Build, Operate” approach has proven successful many times. We operate more than 2,500 Videoconference systems at various customer sites around the world. Our team of experts is constantly trained so that they can provide excellent service and maintenance to our customers.

“Hybrid work” means a mix of working at the office and working from home or from anywhere else. For many years, people have been able to work in different places more easily. This is possible because many jobs can now be done without having to be done in person. However, this is only possible if the technology needed for effective teamwork is available in both the office and at home. Hybrid video conferencing systems offer new possibilities and make your company more future-proof. At GMS, you can find video conferencing solutions that fit your specific needs.

Our videoconference systems can be controlled easily with an app. You can use your own mobile devices or the touch panels that come with the room systems. You can also control them with voice control, which is possible with GMS’s videoconference solutions. For us, the simpler the controls are to use for you, your colleagues, partners, and customers, the better.

We believe that media technology, smart buildings, and video conferencing systems should all work together. Our plan-build-operate approach has already been successful multiple times in practice. Your economic benefit: planning, installation, and service from a professional’s hand. Trying it out is better than studying? We agree. Schedule a free consultation with us to see for yourself!

These are our reference projects

Do you want to raise collaboration to a new level and generate positive change and growth in your company with innovative video conferencing systems? Bring your employees, partners, and customers to astonishment with high-quality video conferencing solutions from GMS! Media technology that will amaze you, intuitive usability, worldwide scalability thanks to GPA, individual or standardized conference rooms, and remote or onsite support are just some of the things that set us apart. Take a look at our many references and be inspired by the successful projects we have implemented!


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Video conferencing has allowed us to reach out to customers in ways that were never possible before. We’ve also expanded our reach by tapping into new markets and meeting potential customers. With video conferencing systems, the sales team was able to increase productivity. Furthermore, we value the ability to quickly and easily connect with customers while saving time and money on travel. Thanks to modern video conferencing systems and conference room technologies, we can now collaborate more effectively on projects with colleagues from around the world.

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