After the introduction and investment in new video conferencing systems, many companies are dissatisfied with the capacity figures of their meeting rooms.
We will also support you with the elaboration of training material.

Some companies are fully unaware of the occupancy rate and do not even establish reliable figures.

Do you want to optimize the capacity of your existing video conferencing rooms and your audiovisual technology, or did you recently invest in new video conferencing systems and conference room technology?

We will support you in elaborating on training material and in communicating with the users in your company.

In many cases, the lack of user support is a crucial factor for the low utilization rate of your video conferencing systems. The users of the meeting rooms must be provided with a setting that facilitates the use of AV technology and supports the operator in their daily activities. A quick return on investment, with regard to often high financial expenditures on modern conference room technology, can only be achieved with optimal use and continuous occupancy.

For many years, we have been paying particular attention to the user experience with AV technology and to the optimization of the capacity. Next to marketing and design issues, comprehensive planning as well as elements of a change management process have been playing an important role.

Did we arouse your interest? We will be glad to demonstrate to you the effects of the measures and the high potential in the implementations by means of concrete project examples.