Video conferencing systems are used by international businesses for internal and external communication between different locations.
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Video conferencing systems are adapted to the individual demands.

A popular form of video conferencing facilitation is through telepresence solutions. Telepresence provides a high-quality display to conference participants in true-to-life dimensions on HD displays so that gestures and facial expressions can ideally assist communication. Conference systems, such as telepresence solutions, are refined by modern presentation technology. Even educational institutions invest in modern AV technology to provide comprehensive support for students (e.g., with video conferencing facilities for online learning platforms). Most video conferencing systems were operated via ISDN lines and could not provide optimal transmission quality a few years ago. Due to the progressive expansion of international networks, transmission via IP has prevailed as the standard for video conferences to this day. The quality of conversations benefits remarkably from the use of video conferencing facilities through communication in real time.
The leading manufacturers of video conferencing systems offer video and telephone conference technology, which can be used for different applications and various sizes of meeting rooms. Apart from central video conferencing infrastructure, the product range covers video conferencing systems for meeting rooms, video conferencing equipment for single offices (e.g., for desktop video conferencing) as well as solutions for mobile devices. Conference systems for mobile terminals include software clients for tablet computers and smartphones.
Along with the full expansion of mobile networks and the increasing wireless LAN coverage, mobile video conferences are gaining importance.

GMS operates globally, 2,500 video conferencing systems at different customer facilities. GMS is experienced in the handling and configuration of video conferencing systems from various manufacturers.
To service the customers’ conference systems optimally, GMS maintains international business locations with global reach. Our employees’ continuous education and training ensure a solid service and high-quality maintenance of video conferencing systems by trained on-site teams.

Video conferencing facilities ranging from computer desktop solutions to room systems.

Due to the broad technical expertise, GMS is a competent consultant and has a broad knowledge. Particularly in terms of the interaction between video conferencing systems and other AV technology components in meeting rooms, the introduction of wireless microphones can notably improve new conferencing systems’ experience. New generations of HD displays let us forget that conference participants need to sit in one meeting room. Therefore, the choice of excellent audio and video technology is crucial for video conferencing facilities.

Drawing on broad knowledge, GMS lends you advisory support in the individual planning and the introduction of AV technology solutions. The full service covers your conferencing systems’ installation to optimize your existing video conference systems. This comprehensive service is one of the key reasons to cooperate with GMS.

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