The video conferencing systems available on the market are as diverse as the fields of applications.
Videokonferenz- systeme im Vergleich


Being identically built upon precise instructions, telepresence rooms support the perception of sitting at a conference table together. This unifying effect is caused by the position of cameras, displays and speakers. For some telepresence solutions; even specific furniture, lighting and wall colours are assigned by the manufacturer. Therefore, they are very close to reality in comparison with other video conferencing systems, and for that reason particularly suitable for demanding users. In terms of price, telepresence solutions are located in the upper segment.

Desktop Video Conferencing

Desktop video conferences are extremely flexible, time saving and cost-effective. With an ordinary computer and a suitable software, which is mostly provided as client solution, users can conveniently participate from their desk. In comparison to video conferencing systems, e.g. telepresence or room systems, installation cost is low. Via modern video conferencing infrastructure, even the integration into other video conferencing systems is possible.

Mobile Video Conferencing

Mobile video conferencing enables users to participate in video conferences on the way via mobile terminals such as smartphones or tablet computers. Since mobile video conferencing can be integrated into existing video conferencing systems, they are a useful complement e.g. for field representatives and project teams. In comparison to other video conferencing systems, the minimum hardware requirements are limited.

Web Conferencing / Online Conferencing

By contrast with classic video conferences, web conferencing is more of a workshop nature. Not video transmission, but screen sharing and file sharing are paramount. Documents can be edited jointly during the conference. The technical requirements as well as the investment costs are comparatively small.

Flexible Models

In addition to the purchase of video conferencing systems, GMS offer you greater flexibility with further sales and using models. You can choose from rental, hire-purchase, leasing for events, or usage based billing systems. We will be pleased to provide you with individual and comprehensive advice.