In the following, you will overview the relevant video conference suppliers and their identifying characteristics. Next to the three major manufacturers which arose out of the first phase of consolidation, there are several smaller suppliers with specialized products.

Most commonly, suppliers of video conferencing systems do not sell their products directly to the end user but handle the sale via partners like GMS. These partners are at their disposal even beyond the product sale for the conception, installation, optimization, and support operations. The complete
one provider operates the acquisition in a quick, competent, and organized way.

For the choice of the right video conferencing system, it is important to take a very close look at the various systems’ product details to find a long-term satisfactory solution. The following comparison should give you a first overview of the suppliers’ characteristics:


The product spectrum of Cisco, as one of the major suppliers of video conferencing systems and telepresence solutions, ranges from central video conference infrastructure (MCU, VCS), video conferencing systems for meeting rooms (Cisco SX20, C40, C60, C90), and single-user station video conferencing solutions (Cisco EX60 and EX90), to software clients for tablet computers (Cisco Jabber).

On a daily basis, the Cisco reseller GMS serves more than 2,500 video conferencing systems of different suppliers and miscellaneous central video conferencing infrastructure components.


Poly is one of the leading manufacturers of video and telephone conferencing technology. The product range includes central video conferencing infrastructure, high-quality video conferencing systems, and desktop video conferencing software solutions.

Multiple awards ensure the quality of the video conferencing systems of the supplier. In particular, the quality and the user-friendliness of unified communication solutions are highly praised. Video conferencing solutions of Poly are applicable in any surrounding and are even easy to use at a home office.

As a Poly reseller, GMS operates video conferencing systems of this supplier for international key customers.


Founded by former Tandberg and Cisco managers, Acano is an innovative supplier in the area of video conferencing systems and unified communications. Acano provides so-called coSpaces, which unite different communication solutions that had not yet been compatible. Participation in video conferences from different terminal devices is no longer a problem. However, Acano does not provide new technologies but integrates existing technology, including Cisco CallManager and Microsoft Lync, and later Microsoft Teams, into one software.


As a supplier of software-based video conferencing systems, Vidyo counts on open standards and has specialized in the manufacture of intelligent video conferencing infrastructure. The product portfolio of the supplier also includes video conferencing systems for meeting rooms. Besides, Vidyo offers small and medium-sized enterprises a reasonable entry into the world of HD video conferences.

GMS is a Vidyo reseller and operates a Vidyo-as-a-service-platform with Videoconference24.



StarLeaf is a British supplier of cloud-based video conferencing systems. The products are notably user-friendly regarding the installation and the operation. StarLeaf is “plug and play” capable, which means the configuration starts automatically upon the connection to the network. This manufacturer offers a suitable product for every demand, from mobile solutions to fixed video conferencing systems to telepresence solutions.


LifeSize belongs to Logitech and supplies modern video conferencing solutions. With a comprehensive range of products, an attractive cost-benefit-ratio, and a usage-based billing system, LifeSize is considered a top-class supplier of video conferencing systems. Furthermore, the systems of this manufacturer are particularly user-friendly.

GMS is a partner of LifeSize in Germany. We provide you with an extensive service and high-quality technology of LifeSize.


In recent years, the supplier Huawei has evolved from a pure network supplier into a full-service provider offering a strong portfolio for video conferencing systems. The Chinese enterprise persuades with quality, genuine product innovations, and excellent prices.

GMS is a partner of Huawei in Germany for video conferencing solutions and video conferencing systems.

Ashton Bentley

Ashton Bentley is a British enterprise, which produces design solutions for video conferencing and presentation systems. With its slogan ‘optimized, unified, simplified,’ Ashton Bentley has the finger on the pulse. The solutions of Ashton Bentley can be installed in a few minutes and without any tools. Furthermore, they are easy to combine with other video conferencing systems and have great potentials for Lync environments on the German market.