The prices for video conferencing systems depend on various factors such as supplier, type of technology used, required functions, number of users, and size of the room. Only after examining your individual demands and the on-site conditions, detailed information about the prices can be provided.
The following prices should serve you an approximate orientation:
  • Prices for software video conference systems: from 29-90€ per month per user
  • Prices for desktop video conferences and small-scale solutions: up to 10,000€
  • Prices for video conferencing systems for smaller rooms: approx. 10,000- 20,000€
  • Prices for video conferencing systems for medium-sized rooms: approx. 20,000- 50,000€
  • Prices for video conferencing systems for large rooms and telepresence solutions: from 50,000€ up

Apart from classic sales models, innovative and flexible solutions are possible, for example, on-demand payment schema just as the supplier LifeSize offers, hire purchase, rental, or leasing for events.

With an excellent price-performance ratio, GMS will gladly advise you to find an individual solution for your video conferencing system based on your requirements.