Video Conferences

Video conferences are an important part of professional communication solutions. Due to innovative video conferencing technology, they provide a unique conferencing experience. A virtual meeting room is created and accessible via a desktop computer as well as via a mobile device. High-quality video conferencing technology, particularly video conferencing systems of TelePresence, supports the perception of sitting at a conference table together. The video conference technology of telepresence solutions includes HD screens to display the participants in true-to-life dimensions. The real-time transmission of audio and video content puts finishing touches on video conferencing. Exclusive conference rooms, especially telepresence, are therefore particularly attracted by the top management.
Video conferencing not only represents a useful communication tool but yields further advantages in daily activities. It increases productivity and accelerates operational procedures as well as decision-making processes. Therefore, optimal conditions for efficient communication can be provided by qualitative video conferencing technology, which makes a significant contribution.

By means of video conferencing, you extend the possibilities of international communication in project teams or with your company’s customers and partners. Not only can you talk with your counterpart in HD quality, but you can jointly discuss documents and presentations. This way, you can quickly take well-founded decisions via video conferencing, which otherwise could only be feasible through a personal meeting.

Video conferencing save travel expenses and thereby protect the environment.

Cooperating with major video conferencing and AV technology manufacturers, GMS implements modern video conferencing solutions for various industries as trade, health, or education. After an in-depth consultation concerning the suitable video conferencing technology, GMS accompanies the customers from installation to the system optimization provision. You will benefit from your virtual conference room, which suits your individual needs.