Many different educational institutes and conference centers of public authorities and public employers rely on modern AV technology to convey content in a vivid and targeted manner and enable professional presentations. AV technology is hereby used in the equipping of lecture theatres and auditoriums.
Convey your contents in a vivid and targeted manner.
Innovative Collaboration Solutions.

It’s not rare that educational institutes like to attract top talent and students for better results. For interactive learning, particularly innovative collaboration solutions such as interactive smartboards are used. Documents, presentations, and charts can be jointly edited through smartboards. Additionally, drawings can be created, and animations can clarify complex processes.

Additionally, solutions for live video streaming via IP are prevalent in the education sector. IP video streaming allows the distribution of video content to a large number of different users. As a result, these users can watch the video stream on their computers, HD displays, or computer tablets. Like this, lectures and pieces of training can also be recorded and made available as video-on-demand.