Modern AV technology and video conferencing can be used in various sectors- hence they can support your business's individual objectives.
GMS offer long-standing experience in consultancy of companies and organisations.

With the investment in new technology, every business pursues an individual target. Therefore, it wants to measure the results of the ongoing operations and validate whether the objectives were reached.

As a full-service provider and experienced partner, GMS emphasizes solution-oriented planning and implementation of technical projects. The user and the objectives of the business take center stage.

GMS offers long-standing experience in consultancy of companies and organizations from all fields:

  • automotive
  • public authorities
  • services
  • energy
  • finances and
  • industry

Audiovisual technology, audio-video, and video conferencing solutions can help save travel costs, increase your company’s productivity, transport individual advertising messages, boost sales, and support a positive public perception.

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    Mobile video conferencing supports you to stay in touch with branches of national and international locations, with field managers or with premium customers. We are familiar with the challenges you are facing in the use of mobile video conferencing for customer support as well as for internal and external communication with partners and suppliers. GMS will develop a suitable solution to ensure that mobile video conferencing offers a real help in your communication.
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    Mobile video conferencing makes a valuable contribution to the education sector since it enables experts and lecturers to virtually participate in discussions or presentations from everywhere. Moreover, users can take part in online workshops or courses via mobile video conferencing even when they are not on site. GMS is an experienced partner when it comes down to meaningfully and reliably applying mobile video conferencing into the education sector, and to integrating it into existing systems.
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    Hotels & Restaurants

    Use mobile video conferencing to facilitate the communication with your employees, suppliers or external service providers! Through stable Wi-Fi® systems, you will provide your guests with the opportunity to access mobile video conferences with their own devices (e.g. smartphones or tablet computers) from guest rooms, meeting rooms or lounge areas. This way, you will outperform your competitors. At GMS, we are pleased to provide you with consultancy in the matter of mobile video conferencing at hotels and gastronomic facilities.
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    Flexible communicate simplifies daily routines of doctors and personnel in hospitals and medical facilities. Medical specialist can be consulted via mobile video conferencing even when they are not on-site. Mobile video conferences can also be used for further training in hospitals, for instance to access live transmission of surgeries or to virtually attend training programmes. Since with mobile video conferencing only devices which users already possess are needed (e.g. smartphones or computer tablets), the procurement of expensive new devices is omitted. Our GMS team is familiar with the problems hospitals face when they are introducing video conferencing. Therefore, we offer elaborated solutions for example in the field of privacy and security.