IP Television (IPTV)

Internet protocol television (IP television or IPTV) is a modern technology enabling the distribution of video content via the own network.
Modern technology for processing video content
Simple, cost-effective and secure.

The decisive advantage of IPTV over other TV solutions like satellite or cable: for the repetition of video content, only a web-enabled player that has access to the network is required. A PC, TV, or mobile terminal namely a smartphone or tablet computer are capable device. Complex cabling is usually omitted. Depending on the internet connection, the display of high-definition content via IPTV is possible without interference. Especially for modern hotels, innovative IP television solutions are therefore an attractive technology. Using IPTV, own content like information or advertisement can be economically integrated into prevalent TV systems. Numerous TV devices can be provided with a variety of TV programs via IPTV: simple, cost-effective, and secure. The establishment of own pay-TV services is easily possible, just like the definition of different user groups. This is what makes IPTV even more appealing to hospitals or retirement homes. The hospital bedside and waiting-for-area entertainment programs can also be fed with TV programs and information channels via the existing network.

Improved information infrastructure and optimised internal communication
GMS - your point of contact

Modern businesses utilize IPTV in further training and for internal communication. In order to achieve a high-resolution display and excellent sound, IPTV can be linked with available media technology as AV technology. Along with video conferencing systems and unified communications, IPTC allows your staff an improved information infrastructure and optimizes your internal communication. Therefore you can relinquish the hardware which is required at every location for the establishment of satellite and cable TV.

Also, educational facilities count on the vast reach and the facilitated access to educational content via IPTV. Lectures, seminars, and courses can be recorded and streamed live via IP by users on different terminal devices.

Due to long-standing experience with IP television, GMS is your qualified source for the planning and installation of IPTV solutions. With their experience, our staff will support all your issues relating to the operation and the optimization of IPTV. On the basis of your demands and objectives, we will create a custom-made operating concept for your IP television.