Through modern AV technology, you will offer your guests a unique stay and great entertainment. Progressive hotels and gastronomic facilities deploy AV technology to improve the public’s perception, convey contents in a targeted manner, and drive their revenue.
The use of large-size displays and digital signage in public areas is very popular.
Large-Size Displays and Digital Signage Solutions.

Large-size displays and digital signage in public areas such as lobbies, restaurants, conference floors, or even spa areas are prevalent. Own content from different sources (videos, images, presentations, etc.) can be transmitted in a custom-made layout.

On top of this, hotels are increasingly relying on HD television via IP (IPTV), which has excellent quality and useful features. Via IPTV, your own content (e.g., advertisements and offers) can be easily integrated into the existing range of channels. Additionally, pay-TV options that are directly linked to the hotel billing system are feasible.