Presentation Technology

Presentation technology, and particularly modern displays and projectors, are part of AV technology.
Digital technology as source of entertainment
Vivid Mediation

With HD transmission, the company’s messages or product offers in retail businesses can be presented appropriately. As part of conference room technology, presentation technology is likewise important because it fosters productive staff meetings in combination with video conferencing systems. In progressive hotels or gastronomic businesses, presentation technology is used to provide special offers or advertising messages. The presentation of own content via digital AV technology is an entertainment source for guests and ultimately boosts sales.

Presentation technology serves the vivid mediation of teaching content. Lecture slides are displayed in auditoriums and lecture theatres by projectors. Particularly successful presentation technology solutions to share knowledge involve smartboards. Smartboards are innovative presentation technology systems, which can be used to edit documents, charts, and presentations in real time. Presentation technology hence facilitates the presentation of complex content.

In presentation technology, GMS works with the AV technology of different manufacturers. GMS has already designed and implemented numerous solutions for presentation technology, from small projectors or displays for standard meeting rooms to comprehensive AV technology installations in large conference rooms, auditoriums, or event locations. Next to the knowledge of AV technology products of internationally renowned distributors such as Samsung, Sharp, NEC, or Panasonic, GMS is experienced with smaller manufacturers of presentation technology such as Eyevis.

The extensive knowledge qualifies GMS for the conception and installation of presentation technology equipment and enables us to maintain and optimize the existing AV technology solutions.