Digital signage

The field of digital signage covers the full spectrum from the presentation of content up to digital information screens.
Quick transmission of relevant messages to staff, visitors or customers
Interactive digital signage adapted to the target group

Particularly in modern office buildings, public buildings, and retail sales, digital signage solutions are used. Relevant information and advertising messages can be quickly distributed to staff, visitors, or customers by means of digital signage. Compared with conventional posters, digital signage has the benefit that displayed content can be changed later in the day and can be adapted to the demands of the group of viewers. Since during the morning, stay-at-home parents do the shopping, different digital signage can be displayed for enterprise customers in the evenings after work.

The media content of digital signage is promotional clips tailored to target groups but also local news, weather information, and event tips. Screens on train platforms provide a good example of successful digital signage. Apart from the electronic announcement of arrival and departure times, notifications, as well as advertisements, are displayed.

Next to conventional digital signage, also interactive displays with touch panels, screens with room booking information, or displays in lifts are part of digital signage. Since the target group gets involved more intensively with interactive digital signage, information is absorbed better.

Reach target groups in the best possible way.
GMS has an extensive experience.

Digital signage solutions usually comprise also hardware for the distribution of information and software for AV controlling in the form of a content management system. In order to reach the target groups with digital signage in the best possible way, comprehensive planning precedes the installation of AV technology.

The GMS teams have extensive experience with a variety of digital signage manufacturers and operate international digital signage infrastructures for customers. Next to a purely technical approach, the GMS team has a holistic approach to the field of digital signage and even takes on the transformation of the contents into the digital signage network.