Video conferencing systems are used by international businesses for internal and external communication between different locations. With their outstanding products, Poly Real Presence Group Series provides all benefits of modern video conferencing solutions.

The video conferencing codec is capable of 1080 full HD. Content sharing with up to 1080p60 and up to 8 participants leaves no room for compromise for conferences across long distances.

The solution can be excellently integrated into Microsoft Lync and can be complemented with further accessories. GMS offers RealPresence Group 300, 500, or 700, and they provide just the right features and functions for every environment and every budget. All models fulfill the H.261 standard and optionally perform the multipoint function.

Modern AV technology and video conferencing can be meaningfully used in different industries and sectors, and support the individual objects of your business. The Poly HDX line offers video conferencing systems for all sizes of meeting rooms: whether it be in your company, in the conference room of a hotel, or in lecture theatres and auditoriums. The systems deliver a video conferencing quality up to full HD 1080p. Due to the Poly StereoSurround technology, the equipment offers excellent audio and sound effect. The system can be applied for multipoint conferences and provides an integrated multipoint function (optional) for up to four participants. Additionally, content sharing is optional as well.

Poly EagleEye Director

Poly EagleEye Director takes meetings or classrooms to a higher level. Every participant can be clearly seen, even in a room with more than 20 people. The automatic face tracking technology localizes the speaker’s face in order to avoid distracting noises. Additionally, the self-moving camera provides a recording feature that is conducive to interaction and productivity.

Just as desktop video conferencing, mobile video conferencing constitutes a major growth trend. Poly RealPresence® desktop and mobile complete Poly video conferencing systems with the possibility to access video conferences from your computer, smartphone, or computer tablet. The solution for the computer is provided in the form of a client. The application for devices with iOS or Android operating systems is available in the app store for free. Transform your devices into high-performance video conferencing terminals, and access video conferences from everywhere.


Poly Soundstation

Poly conference phones are used by many companies worldwide and provide audio conferencing experiences with the highest quality available on the market. Poly offers the widest range of conference phones for rooms of any size, with numerous interoperability and connection options. Additionally, Poly conference phones support analog IP and USB interfaces. Poly SoundStation conference phones allow loud and clear group calls without echo, faults, or acoustic feedback.

Poly and Skype for Business