„Unified communications” describes the convergence of different communication channels, for instance, VoIP telephony, desktop video conferencing, chats, and video applications in a standardized application. Frequently, the term “real-time communication (RTC)” is used instead of “unified communications.”

Unified communications systems redefine modern communication entirely, for their offer numerous benefits. The cooperation within your company becomes more efficient. Furthermore, it facilitates data exchange and communication independent of the terminal device, medium, or location of the use. Therefore, unified communications solutions are of particular relevance wherever employees are in contact via various mediums of communication and wherever they are dependent on information and data exchange via various media sources.

Unified communications solutions converge:

  • telephony
  • video conferences
  • web conferences
  • chat/instant messaging
  • audio/video
  • presence information

There are numerous manufacturers of unified communications solutions. Our GMS team is experienced in conception and implementation. Allow us to advise you, and you will redefine the cooperation within your company.