Unified communication systems in modern companies are growing in popularity. Many manufacturers made it their business to develop their systems in accordance to the growing demands. The leading manufacturers Cisco, Polycom, Microsoft and Logitech are supplying programmes for managing video conferencing and AV systems centrally.


The manufacturer Cisco provides all necessary components for unified communications solutions. A simple convergence of video sharing, web conferencing, telephony, instant messaging and video conferencing by Cisco Unified Communication Manager enables a clear and effective group communication among colleagues and with business partners.


Polycom is a unified communications manufacturer providing solutions. These solutions are not bound to a certain manufacturer and can be integrated into the Unified Communication Manger of Cisco without any difficulty. Using this programme, you are able to choose among different video conferencing technology and AV technology.



Microsoft has made a name for itself as unified communications manufacturer. The system can be installed both in the cloud or as a server version. A hybrid installation is also possible and allows a connection to a local telephone system. Using the Unified Communications Manager of Microsoft, you can start video conferences, presentations and much more with just a few clicks.


The unified communications manufacturer Logitech is committed to develop an compact solution for video conferencing and AV technology, which can be adjusted to various working methods. During this process, Logitech cooperates with Cisco and Microsoft. With solutions of Logitech, a premium unified communications solution can be easily assembled out of individual components of Cisco and Microsoft.

Unified Communication-Lösungen von GMS

Before investing in a system of any unified communications manufacturer, you should seek advice from a competent expert. At GMS, we cooperate with the major manufacturers of unified communications solutions and provide comprehensive, expedient and individual advice.