Unified communications systems offer small and large companies from various industries decisive advantages:

Reduction of Costs

One of the advantages of unified communications systems is the reduction of costs. Due to the convergence of all communication channels on one platform and the use of video and online conferences, the management and operation costs for the infrastructure decrease. Travel expenses and journey times can also get reduced.

Increase in Efficiency and Productivity

The increased effectiveness and the greater productivity of your employees are major benefits of unified communications solutions. Requests reach the users faster via the right channel and the right terminal device, whether it is the PC at the office, the mobile phone on the go, or the instant messenger during a video conference. Furthermore, the response speed automatically increases, and unnecessary communication can be avoided by means of unified communications solutions.

Greater Flexibility

Unified communications systems allow users a seamless switch in-between various media, for example, from telephony to web conferencing, including content sharing for the sake of joint editing of presentations or documents. The presence function is also to the user’s advantage, for it always provides information on how to contact others.


Improved Communication and Networking (Internal and External

Unified communications systems are profitable for teams that are spread over several locations, for complex coordination processes, and for workers in the field or at the home office. Unquestionably, they facilitate the communication of users on different locations and different terminal devices. The internal cooperation will improve, but the communication with customers, service providers, and partners benefit from unified communications systems.

Facilitation of Access

The convergence of all communication channels on one user interface facilitates access. Additionally, it reduces obstacles for operators who have little technical knowledge.

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