This is how AV projects work on a global scale


In the past, media technology and equipping conference rooms with appropriate communication technology were seen as local requirements. Rooms were equipped with suitable media technology based on individual needs, with little or no consideration given to how meeting rooms were equipped at other company locations. With increasing globalization and the convergence of IT and media technology, more and more users are demanding consistent media technology and a suitable operational concept. Media technology is still not fully integrated into IT and therefore poses major challenges for those responsible and users in day-to-day operations.

Even in the planning of media technology, there are numerous things to consider. While many planning offices and architects do take all technical requirements into account, they give little thought to the later service and operation of the media technology. Global availability of technologies or consistent price controls are quickly forgotten.

In the field of installation, there are currently no companies providing global coverage for the equipment and installation of media technology. Specialized providers are mostly regional, and while large IT providers also try to sell media technology and video conferencing, they often lack sufficient technical expertise. However, users usually expect uniform operation of the technology at all international locations and for the rooms to adhere to a uniform global standard.

However, the actual operation of media technology can be quite complex. Many components are not yet accessible via IP networks. Fully equipped conference rooms are made up of a variety of media technology components. Accordingly, managing the individual components is complicated. However, users expect high availability and quick assistance in the event of malfunctions and errors, as well as problems with operation.

For the aforementioned reasons, GPA was established by leading global media technology companies. All GPA teams undergo a strict selection process to ensure adequate performance. Clear processes and uniform standards ensure optimal results for the client. Today, various international and highly demanding customers already obtain services and media technology through GPA. In Germany, GMS is representative of the GPA. Feel free to contact us to evaluate your requirements for global media technology operations.