GMS Earns Silver EcoVadis Sustainability Certificate – A Step Towards Sustainable Excellence

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Evaluating the sustainability of international supply chain partners and, consequently, one’s own can be challenging for businesses. As global trade expands, so does the complexity of assessing a company’s impact on the world. Various factors must be considered, including environmental impact, labor and human rights practices, ethical considerations, and sustainable procurement processes. Even when companies adhere to local guidelines, these can vary significantly from region to region. So, what is the solution? Enter EcoVadis, a global standard-setter that takes the stage.

EcoVadis operates as an independent rating agency, evaluating the sustainability performance of companies worldwide. Their rigorous assessment process provides a comprehensive evaluation encompassing environmental impact, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement practices. This enables businesses to benchmark their performance against others in various countries and industries. While comparing sustainability performance internationally poses challenges due to the complexity of these issues in different contexts and cultures, EcoVadis facilitates this process.

What can companies do, then?

EcoVadis provides a trusted platform for sustainability ratings and collaboration tools, enabling seamless engagement with global supply chains and partners. With a robust technological portfolio and a team of international experts, EcoVadis offers user-friendly sustainability assessments that provide detailed insights into environmental, social, and ethical risks across 200+ procurement categories and 175+ countries.


GMS EcoVadis Zertifikat


We are incredibly proud to have been awarded the silver EcoVadis D-A-CH Sustainability Certificate. This accolade is a testament to our commitment to upholding the highest sustainability standards. It reflects our dedication to creating an ethical and safe workplace for all collaborating with us. While our customers may not have explicitly requested it, we firmly believe such efforts are always worthwhile in the long run – for us, you, and everyone who shares this planet as our home.

A rewarding focus

During the EcoVadis certification process, our policies, processes, and procedures were thoroughly examined to ensure compliance with human rights and ethical principles, particularly concerning work and humanity. We are delighted to have achieved outstanding results in these categories, which underscore our commitment to treating all our employees respectfully and fairly.

We believe that environmental conservation is a crucial responsibility for our company, and we strive to minimize our environmental impact. We have implemented various measures to reduce emissions, energy consumption, and waste generation, all of which have been considered within the EcoVadis certification process. Furthermore, we are dedicated to sustainable procurement practices and endeavor to ensure that all our suppliers meet the sustainability criteria established by EcoVadis.