From Cathedral to Connectivity: Unlocking the Digital Potential at Laurenz Carré in Cologne

Laurenz Carré Smart Building Tech GMS - Köln - Deutschland

Image: Rendertaxi

The Laurenz Carré project in Cologne (TP01) has been awarded the prestigious SmartScore Platinum Pre-Certification, positioning it as one of the frontrunners in Germany. This remarkable achievement showcases the potential for transforming the future of work. The cutting-edge design of the work environment fosters a vibrant and collaborative atmosphere, promoting an innovative and forward-thinking approach to digital transformation.




The core elements of the project were crafted by GERCHGROUP AG, a prominent project development firm in Germany, while caspar.schmitzmorkramer and urban planners were responsible for designing the building.

About the “Laurenz Carré” project

The Consulting Group has leased 7,400 square meters of space with a view of the Cologne Cathedral starting in 2026. Another confirmed tenant is the Radisson Hotels Group. The tenants are expected to move in as early as 2024, depending on the building section. This project is located in close proximity to the heart of Cologne and offers a wide range of amenities for businesses and their employees, including restaurants, cafes, bars, banks, and retail stores. The smart building will offer an advanced and modern workplace to whoever will work in these office spaces.


Laurenz Carré Smart Building Tech GMS - Dachterasse
Image: Rendertaxi


Partially situated on the historical grounds of the former St. Laurenz Church, the project development known as Laurenz Carré represents the next generation of digital and modern workspaces. GMS takes pride in being part of this exciting and ambitious project in Cologne, with a focus on building digitization, which will offer an innovative work environment for many years to come. The entire quarter is designed to encompass work, life, and leisure, spanning over 33,000 m² (GFA). Notably, TP1 has been recognized with WiredScore’s Platinum certification, making it one of the first buildings in Cologne to receive this prestigious accolade. A standout feature of the project is the eco-friendly green rooftop offering an unobstructed view of the Cathedral.

Why are certifications like LEED Gold and WiredScore Platinum important and beneficial?

During the certification process, improvements are suggested to future-proof buildings and avoid costly retrofits. The digital infrastructure of a building significantly impacts its value, with connectivity being particularly crucial for businesses. Excellent connectivity leads to a willingness to pay more for such properties. According to the London Investment Guide by EG Radius, WiredScore certification increases rental yields by an average of 5%. The LEED certification system, developed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), is internationally recognized and promotes ecological construction. It is widely used worldwide.

WiredScore Platinum is a widely recognized and prestigious certification system that meticulously assesses the digital infrastructure of buildings. Evaluating the readiness of the infrastructure for the future, ensures exceptional connectivity for businesses, ultimately leading to potentially increased rental income. This certification not only validates the concerted efforts made by building owners and operators but also provides third parties with concrete evidence of the added value through an assessment conducted by an independent entity. This detailed evaluation serves as a testament to the reliability and quality of the building’s digital infrastructure, making it an attractive choice for businesses seeking top-notch connectivity solutions.