With Smart Office solutions, you enable your employees to be more creative and efficient in the workplace - so that your entire company benefits. Learn about your options and see many other benefits and application possibilities of the Modern Workplace.
Smart IoT Software and Hardware Together Establish Truly Intelligent Buildings.
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Digital transformation projects and connecting devices throughout a building are a key part of many company’s strategy right now. The Internet of Things (“IoT”) makes it possible to connect objects with each other and thus make everyday life easier. These intelligent solutions are making their way into private homes in particular: smart heating systems that are controlled by an app; lighting concepts that react to presence and refrigerators that automatically create shopping lists – there are virtually no limits to the possibilities of the smart home.

Smart solutions for offices and buildings

Progressive digitization does not stop at the office – quite the opposite: in today’s business world, employees expect their workplace to offer them maximum creativity and flexibility to be able to work productively and efficiently. In the Smart Office, employees find precisely these conditions: Here, various applications are networked and coordinated with each other to make working as pleasant, efficient, and as secure as possible.

A Smart Office offers application options in a wide variety of forms:

  • Information and communication
  • Smart booking of desks and spaces
  • Indoor navigation & positioning
  • Access control throughout the facility and to lockers
  • Building functions and well-being automation
  • Intelligent building management
  • Digital service requests and feedback buttons

Starting an IoT project can result in a multitude of benefits for you and your company: Smart Offices thus enable you to optimize the booking and utilization of meeting rooms, for example. In addition, intelligent solutions make it possible to navigate visitors to the appropriate meeting room in the fastest possible way. Service processes, for example in facility management, can also be made more efficient, as service staff can be activated easily with only a “push of a button” – routine and often unnecessary checks are no longer facilitated and therewith saving costs.

Smart Offices thus provide enormous time and labor savings. Innovative solutions optimize work and communication processes and boost the creativity and productivity of your employees.

Smart Office: Your needs determine the technology

At GMS, we are familiar with the planning, installation, and maintenance of Smart Offices and work in partnership with leading Smart Office providers such as Thing-it, Disruptive Technologies, wtec, and EnOcean. We understand the Smart Office as a triad of AV technology, collaboration solutions, and sensor technology products – only if these three components are coordinated well, you will fully benefit from the advantages of a Smart Office.

Did we manage to get you curious about how a smart building could be a value add to you? As an experienced full-service provider, GMS is your contact for consulting, planning, and implementing Smart Office solutions. Through numerous implemented projects, we know the challenges that implementation entails. Trust in our know-how and contact us for your individual and non-binding consultation. Together with us, you will take the first step towards your office of the future.

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