In spring 2015, Microsoft Lync turned into Skype for Business. This new system includes all established Lync functions but appears with an interface in the classical Skype design. Just as Microsoft Lync reformed room systems, Skype for Business upgrades existing unified communications environments. Since Microsoft Lync became the best-selling solution for unified communications (UC), Skype for Business continues on road to success.
Skye for Business (former Microsoft Lync room systems)

Modern functions of Skype for Business:

  • presence function & instant messaging
  • telephony
  • data transmission
  • videoconferencing
  • integration of OneNote


We offer additional room systems for companies who want to equip their existing meeting rooms with Skype for Business.


Established manufacturers of AV technology and videoconferencing systems made it their mission to fulfill your special requests and offer custom-developed technical solutions. Particularly two manufacturers are leading the way of Lync room systems and now expand their support to Skype for Business:

  • Poly, one of the market leaders in videoconferencing systems and videoconferencing infrastructure
  • SMART Technologies, one of the market leaders in interactive whiteboards and collaboration solutions


Poly & Skype for Business

Poly builds on a complement of videoconferencing. With the Poly CX series, the supplier has already put several systems on the market, which can be completely integrated. By means of a 360-degree videoconferencing camera, which is placed in the conference room on the middle of the table, the CX5100 and CX5500 (also called Roundtable) offer a unique video conferencing experience. The CX700 is a permanently installed videoconferencing system for meeting rooms.


SMART Technologies & Skype for Business

SMART Technologies designed the integration of interactive whiteboards into a Skye for Business environment. To ideally equip different meeting rooms, SMART Skype room systems are available in three different sizes: either including a single-70’’ LCD, a single-80’’ LCD, or a dual-70’ LCD. Additionally, SMART room systems have a video conferencing camera with a wide-angle lens to enable videoconferencing.


With GMS as Your Partner

With us, you can expect trained professionals who install Skype for Business into your AV systems.