GMS cooperates with all major manufacturers of video conferencing systems in the fields of video conferencing, AV technology, audio, video, and unified communications. As a full-service provider and AV system vendor, we play an advisory role for professional video conferencing solutions.
Products & Manufacturers

GMS builds on high quality and extensive certifications to ensure the success of each project. With GMS, you have a reliable partner, who can advise you on all products of major manufacturers for video conferencing systems.

For the individual objectives of our customers, we pick the suitable products to meet the individual plans and budgets. Since our comprehensive knowledge contributes to our projects, innovative video conferencing systems are geared to diverse sectors. Every business benefits from our cooperation with manufacturers of video conferencing systems.

In the following, you will learn about a selection of the most important products and suppliers in the area of video conferencing systems.

Ashton Bentley

Ashton Bentley is a British enterprise, which produces design solutions for video conferencing and presentation systems. With its slogan ‘optimized, unified, simplified’, Ashton Bentley has the finger on the pulse. The solutions of Ashton Bentley can be installed in a few minutes and without any tools. They can additionally be combined with other video conferencing systems and have great potentials for Lync environments on the German market.


AMX is a leading manufacturer of innovative AV control technology and signal management. AMX products facilitate the operation of complex AV and conference room technology significantly. Mostly touch panels with a custom-made user interface are used. The product range of AMX includes for example the all-in-one matrix switchers Enova DVX and DGX, which revolutionized the use of AV technology.

GMS is AMX Gold Partner and is very experienced with the integration of AMX solutions.


The Belgian manufacturer Barco N.V. (Belgian American Radio Corporation) is the international market leader for display and visualization solutions. They are specialized in CRT, LCD, and DLP projectors, LED screens, and flat screens.

GMS is Barco Connect! Partner.


The product spectrum of Cisco, as one of the major suppliers of video conferencing systems and telepresence solutions, ranges from central video conference infrastructure (MCU, VCS), video conferencing systems for meeting rooms (Cisco SX20, C40, C60, C90), and single-user station video conferencing solutions (Cisco EX60 and EX90), to software clients for tablet computers (Cisco Jabber).

On a daily basis, the Cisco reseller GMS serves more than 2,500 video conferencing systems of different suppliers and many central video conferencing infrastructure components.


Crestron is one of the market leaders in the area of signal management for professional audio video and conference room technology. With digital media products, Crestron has introduced digital technology into the audio-video environment, which is often rather analog. As a competent partner, GMS is experienced in the use and servicing of Crestron products.