Using AV control systems and signal management requires profound knowledge, AV technology expertise, and software skills.

Crestron DigitalMedia

An error-free link between AV technology of various manufacturers can be achieved with AV control systems. The digital media products of Crestron set a benchmark in digital signal management. The comprehensive Crestron product portfolio offers a perfect solution for every application and every complexity.

With digital media products, you invest in a forward-looking technology. A simple wiring system is guaranteed with HDMI, and the digital data transmission allows a lossless transfer of video and audio signals. This way, demanding projects with numerous different sources can be successfully realized.

Crestron RL
Crestron RL is a pre-configured collaboration package that combines Crestron hardware with Microsoft Lync software. The fully equipped RL system allows efficient teamwork in real-time, which can take place either on the desk or via a central display in a meeting room. At the push of a button, a meeting room is ready for video conferencing. Immediately after entering the room, content can be shared. Through the connection with other systems implemented in the room, the interactive Crestron RL offers a complete room solution. The package is available in different models, and you can choose among diverse touch panels, cameras as well as speakers and decide for or against a monitor.

Creston AirMedia

With AirMedia, Crestron offers a comprehensive solution for wireless presentations in professional meeting rooms. The Crestron AirMedia Presentation Gateway can be easily integrated into existing meeting rooms and allows up to 32 participants. The operation takes place via your own computer tablet or smartphone. This use of their own mobile devices on the job is one of the major IT trends and is described by the motto ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD). The necessary application can be downloaded from the app store. The resolution up to full HD 1080p and UXGA can be displayed as a single full image or on up to four sources.

Crestron Touch Panels

Crestron offers a variety of touch panels for the operation of AV technology by means of an individual setting and user interface. Crestron touch panels are available in different sizes and designs. Additionally, they can be equipped with a pedestal or can be prepared for a wall-mounted installation, depending on the location. Apart from cabled touch panels, Crestron provides wireless solutions.

Crestron RoomView

Crestron RoomView is a software package providing central management and real-time monitoring of up to 25 AV installations via Ethernet. From every LAN or Wi-Fi® connected computer, the administrator can monitor the state of AV devices and of the complete facility. Users can carry out system diagnostics, monitor the operating hours of projector lamps, record network activities, and settle automatic shut-offs.