The Cisco TelePresence SX Quick Set Line is a perfect start-up solution for video conferencing. With an SX10 or SX20 system, you can transform every display or projector into an HD video conferencing system.

The SX line is suitable for small video conference rooms or mobile video conferencing system. The system includes a full HD codec, an HD 1080p video conferencing camera with 12x zoom, and a microphone. Operation is optional either via a 10’’ touch panel or via remote control. Additional functions are content sharing as well as an optional multipoint (MultiSite) function for video conferences with up to four participants.

The Cisco MX line is a video conferencing package solution for smaller and medium-sized meeting rooms. The line impresses with a high-quality appearance. Displays in three sizes (42’’: MX200 G2, 55’’: MX300 G2, and 70’’: MX800), as well as a 1080p video conferencing camera, and a full HD codec are included in the scope of delivery. The MX700 system is a dual-display solution with two integrated 55’’ displays. The operation is via a 10’’ touch panel. Further functions are content sharing with up to 1080p and an optional multipoint function for video conferences with several participants. Video conferencing solutions can help to minimize travel costs, increase your company’s productivity, transport individual advertising messages, boost sales, and support a positive public perception.

The Cisco TelePresence SX80 system is the perfect solution for client-specific installations and large premises e.g. conference halls or auditoriums. It offers a full HD video resolution to a maximum of 1080p60 as well as HD content sharing with up to 1080p30 and interoperates with standard-based video solutions for individual installations. The SX80 system supports up to five HD video sources, three display outputs, and eight microphone connectors. Cisco TelePresence SX80 is obtainable in three different integrator packages:

  • Cisco TelePresence SX80 Code and Precision HD 1080p camera with 4x zoom (perfect for smaller room scenarios)
  • Cisco TelePresence SX80 Codec and Precision 60 camera (perfect for larger room scenarios)
  • Cisco TelePresence SX80 and Speaker Track 60 dual-camera system with tracking functions for the speaker

GMS focuses mainly on a technologically practical solution that supports the user as best as possible with real added value. All services of GMS are based on best practices and are individually adapted to the customer.

Cisco EX-Serie

The Cisco EX line is an HD videoconferencing solution for your desk. It offers the full functionality of a professional video conferencing system equipped with a user-friendly 8’’ touch panel. The HD displays transmit and receive a resolution up to 1080p30 and are available in the following sizes: 21’’(EX60) and 24’’ (EX90). The line enjoys great popularity especially among the top management since the systems guarantee efficient time management. Right from your desk, you can conveniently access video conferences.

The movable and fixed video conferencing camera offers an HD resolution. Furthermore, the systems have two fixed speakers, an integrated microphone, and a DVI-I connection for your PC.

In many companies, well-equipped meeting rooms are already an essential part of daily work. Video conferencing has become standard in modern meeting rooms and brings cost savings as well as an increase in productivity. Due to the versatile connecting possibilities, the C-Line codecs are perfect solutions for permanently installed systems in medium-sized or large conference rooms. The Cisco TelePresence C-Line comprises full HD video conferencing codecs with a resolution up to 1080p30/720p60. C40 Codec has three HD video connections, two microphone ports, and a multipoint function for up to 4 participants, with a resolution up to 576p. For more complex video conferences, the C60 codec provides five HD video connections and four microphone ports with a bandwidth of 10Mbps for multi-point. For very large events, the C90 Codec with twelve HD connections and eight microphones is recommendable. GMS will provide you with an overview of the available systems. GMS attach great attention to the specific expectations and demands of the users since the optimum functionality is always paramount.

The use of video conferencing via computer is hugely popular and is an important growth opportunity for video conferencing. Primarily young users with a high internet affinity who are familiar with Skype and similar solutions to the consumer sphere reinforce this trend. The Cisco Jabber solution completes the Cisco TelePresence portfolio with a software-based video conferencing system for your desk. The Cisco Jabber Software Client transforms PCs, tablets, and smartphones into high-performance video conferencing terminals. The Cisco Jabber Client is a profitable complement for existing video conferencing systems. It also allows companies to equip a large number of employees with video conferencing technology for their home office.