AMX enova DVX is a professional complex matrix switcher for demanding AV technology projects in conference rooms or auditoriums.

AMX enova DVX is a professional complex matrix switcher for demanding AV technology projects in conference rooms or auditoriums. AMX enova DVX performs matrix switching, AV controlling, transcoding and scaling, converting, amplifying audio, professional mixing on DSP basis, and transmitting signals via Cat. 5e/6/7 cables. By means of SmartScale Technology, images are automatically set to the best possible resolution of the display equipment without adjusting settings manually. The solution offers a high operational reliability and can be operated with little maintenance. It is available in the sizes 10×4, 6×3 or 6×2 in 2HE or 3HE and interoperates with HDMI/HDCP.

AMX ENOVA DGX is a digital media switcher with integrated NetLinx controller. It is available in various sizes (8, 16 or 32) and can be modularly expanded. With AMX ENOVA DGX, the manufacturer AMX offers simple HDMI signal processing as well as efficient scaling for video content. Additionally, an Ethernet Switch is integrated. The casing is delivered with high-performance power supply units (850W or 1200W).

The technology AMX ENZO has been specifically designed to easily access personal data and documents directly from the meeting room. By means of a USB stick, data can be made available locally or virtually in the web. AMX ENZO can be easily integrated into existing meeting rooms. Great importance is attached to the issue of security. An automatic clean-up of personal data is accomplished by the system to prevent an unauthorised access. AMX ENZO can be administered via RMA, and it can be professionally operated in meeting rooms of large customers.

AMX Touch Panels

AMX offers a rich variety of touch panels which serve the operation of AV technology by means of an individual programming and user interface. The AMX touch panels are available in various sizes and designs. Depending on the local circumstances, they can be equipped with a pedestal or can be prepared for a wall-mounted installation. Apart from wired touch panels, AMX offers also wireless solutions. AMX touch panels are characterised by an appealing and modern design. AV control systems and accordingly touch panels are not only deployed in meeting rooms but are also central for building automations, especially for the central control of all major building functions. Air conditioning and lighting are just two of these building functions which can be managed via AV control systems.

AMX RMS Enterprise
RMS is a server-based software designed for building automation, controlling, management, maintenance, upkeep and analysis of resources. The AV management and monitoring tool Resource Management Enterprise has a user-friendly system interface. It facilitates the central management and monitoring of AV devices, lighting and heating circuit. The software contributes to an extension of the working life of AV devices and to a reduction of energy. End users can monitor their AV devices proactively and can prevent failures before arising.