Founded by former Tandberg and Cisco managers, Acano is an innovative supplier in the area of video conferencing and unified communications. Acano provides virtual meeting rooms (so called coSpaces) uniting communication solutions that are based on different audio, video and web technologies and that have not yet interoperated. Therefore, solutions of Acano usefully complement already existing solutions.

Acano coSpacesAcano coSpaces are virtual meeting rooms providing a maximum flexibility for every participant. With Acano you can choose your terminal device independent of hardware and applications. When you are travelling, you prefer your smartphone. In small meetings, you like to work with your tablet computer or laptop. But in important meetings, the video conferencing equipment is used. No matter which device you prefer, Acano provides you a continuous user interface and the opportunity to connect different terminal devices. With Acano coSpaces, you can switch your devices even during an ongoing video conference, and receive audio and video signals of different devices. The display on the terminal device can be individually adapted by every user. Additionally, the content which is shared via Acano coSpaces can be managed independently by every participant (e.g. zoom).
You and your team can access Acano coSpaces anywhere, at anytime. You can generate a internal or external, separate coSpace for every team, supplier or for an important project. coSpaces supply space for notes, updates, important messages, chats or video conferences. Acano coSpaces does not provide new technology but integrates existing technologies, Cisco CallManager and Microsoft Lync inclusive, into a software and facilitates the cooperation in teams.

Acano Manager

Acano Manager

As part of the Acano solution, Acano manager gives the opportunity to effectively interoperate with several platforms while maintaining a uniform user interface. Acano Manager offers businesses the possibility to increase the efficiency, minimise costs, and facilitate the internal and external communication.

Acano Integration with Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync users can expand their possibilities with Acano since video conferencing with users of other systems is now possible. Additionally, you draw benefit of all features Acano coSpaces offers.